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In Tierra del Fuego you can perform activities such as Trekking, Horse Riding and Sailing only 10 minutes away from Ushuaia. This is about Mount Susana, a stage of unique landscape that combines mountains, the beautiful Beagle Channel and green snow-covered landscapes of the end of the world. 

cabalgataThe mountain can be crossed on horseback. Photo courtesy

To visit the Mount Susana is a team of expert guides who make the journey combining knowledge with environmental care and preservation of species.


The climate in this area is unstable. It is not as rigorous as the mountains and the sea fade winds and temperature.

In summer the average temperature (January) is 9.6º C and the day is almost 18º C. The lowest temperatures recorded in winter (late July and early August) with an average of 1° C.

Due to its proximity to the South Pole in summer day length (due to changes in January solstice) extends to 17 hours and a half of light, while in winter (July) only lasts about 7 to 8 hours, although days may be clear and bright.

Like all Patagonia, this is an area of ​​West quadrant winds. Between August and January winds grow in intensity, decreasing in the rest of the year. 

faroThe lighthouse at the end of the world. Photo courtesy

Besides trekking, horseback riding and sailing other activities can be performed as:

* Helicopter Flyby
* Fishing Boats
* National Park tour full day or half day
* Snowshoeing
* Alembic
* Rural Tourism.

In any of these three activities you will see the beautiful sceneries with which every visitor will be amazed at the panoramic views of the city of Ushuaia.

The guides that accompany the adventure by Mount Susana are basically nature lovers, they have combined their experience as athletes, rescuers and guides to offer the best choice for adventure tourism.

In summer you can make adventure tourism activities like trekking, mountain bike, or in the season you can go fishing and walks in the Beagle Channel, and even to Antarctica Argentina. In winter you can visit the winter resorts for downhill and cross-country skiing.

Mount Susana offers transfers from the hotel and back, as in each of the activities, bilingual personal (English/Spanish), communications equipment (mobile phone, handies, sat phone) and lodging.

For more information:

Alojamiento en Ushuaia

FotoDepartamento Altos de Cervantes El Altos de Cervantes ofrece vistas a la ciudad y alojamiento con balcón y cafetera. Ofrece vistas al mar y a laver másTel: Ushuaia

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