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El Maitén is another town comprising the district of Parallel 42. Mountains, plains, forests, farms are some of the many landscapes that are combined in this small Andean village.

Framed by the Chubut River and surrounded by farms, this Andean town has 3,500 inhabitants. Accessing it through the national routes No. 40 and 243 and two provincial routes, the 4 and 71.

In relation to geographical features is unique in being a midpoint between the Andean Patagonian forest and steppe.

In the urban area of ​​the town you can visit the Old Belt or the modern Power Plant, and various farms and the school village of Buenos Aires Chico, located at the foot of the West mountain range in El Maitén.

Economic livelihood of this town is raising sheep and to a lesser extent cattle and fine fruit production. The city is surrounded by farms that are harvested in strawberries, cherries, currants, rose hips, among other fine fruits.

The Club Andino "El Maitén" carries out the tourist / sports exploitation of Cerro Azul, a mountain activity center nestled within a forest and snow mountain range. It is a growing center that does not rest in the summer, as the rest of the year can be explored on horseback riding or hiking.

El Maitén is also famous for being one of the stations of "La Trochita". In the train station you can tour the central workshops of the Old Patagonian Express and its unique museum on the life of the railway since the beginning of the work, being remnants of machinery, costumes and workshops locomotives, all valuables history and culture. With over 50 years continues to work the Trochita between Esquel and El Maitén.

Local festivals

The town was founded on December 22 and every year on that date marks the birthday with craft fair, cultural shows and exhibits the work of municipal workshops.

Also, each year in November, El Maitén celebrates "Week of the Arts", which displays paintings, literary works, photographs, crafts and books of Patagonia. In that week are other cultural events like dance or popular singers. This event has as background the "Day of Music in El Maitén", which was performed in the same month, bringing together choirs from Trevelín, Esquel and El Bolsón.

Another traditional celebration of El Maitén is "National Steam Train Festival" and "Provincial Little Train Festival", festivals in which highlights the parades of floats extremely witty and attractive.

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