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Perito Moreno National Park was created in 1937 on the northwest of the province of Santa Cruz in order to preserve the fauna, flora and fossils found in the region.

With 115,000 hectares, the park is of high scientific value by the discovery of paleontological remains and biological elements that it protect. This park has ample evidence of the region's past back 9700 years ago. At that time the ancestors of the tehuelches lived there, which are believed to left the place due to extreme weather.

Trails and walks in the park

  • Ascent of León Hill: it begins at Farm La Oriental, it takes about 4 hours round trip. On the tour you can see condors. 
  • Natural way to Belgrano Peninsula: from the isthmus of Lake Belgrano, it takes about an hour or two.
  • Del Mié Lagoon: 6 km from road to Burmeister, on the way there are other lakes in which live various species of birds.
  • Ascent to Mié Hill: it is recommended to do this visit on a clear days and with the advice of the rangers.
  • To Lake Burmeister: stormy waters and forests of beech. Duration 2 days.
  • Lake Volcán: This gray glacier lake takes us to the heart of the National Park. You can leave the car 3 km from El Rincón, and walking 5 km you will reach the shores of Lake Volcán.  
  • To Outpost of Nueve: from the end of the road vehicle in front of Mié Hill, skirting the east and south coast of Lake Belgrano in 5 hours you will reach the former position of sheep. 
  • To San Lorenzo Hill's Valley (outside the National Park): from El Rincón you advance 5 km with vehicle. With an ATV the road ends in a rustic camping area and after 9 km from there, from 2.5 to 4 hours the valley takes you, without crossing the river to the old post. 

The national park has no camping site, the nearest town is Gobernador Gregores.

lago-belgranoLake Belgrano in the Perito Moreno National Park.


  • Register with the Report Center. 
  • You are not allowed to fire so are recommended to take a heater.
  • Avoid bringing pets, if not possible they should be kept tied.
  • No fishing and navigation are allowed.


From Gobernador Gregores by Provincial Route 25. To the Park are 130 km of consolidated road and 90 km of secondary roads.

From Perito Moreno you reach by National Route 40 to the junction with Provincial Highway 37, by which we arrive at the park.  

More information

Av San Martin 882, Gobernador Gregores 
Telephone: (02962) 491477. 

National Parks Administration 
Av Santa Fe 690, Buenos Aires.
Telephone: (011) 4311-6633/0303 


Alojamiento en Gobernador Gregores

FotoEstancia La Oriental Ubicada en el Parque Nacional Perito Moreno. El acceso al mismo es por la Ruta provincial 37, la misma empalma con Rutaver másTel: +54 11 4152-6901Gobernador Gregores

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