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From the town of Gobernador Gregores is presented another option to learn more about the history of Santa Cruz and our country. The historic circuit "In the footsteps of the strikers" is a tribute to workers killed in strikes in 1921.

The tour begins in the "Canyon of the Dead" in Gobernador Gregores and culminates in Puerto Deseado. During the tour you go through several farms that were the scene of the deaths of strikers. In each of these monuments and plaques were installed to highlight the most significant events of those historic days. These sites were declared part of the historical-tourist circuit by the Chamber of Deputies from Santa Cruz in 2009.

The "Canyon of the Dead" is the starting point of the tour, in this site there are mass graves where rest the remains of workers shot in 1921. From December 2 to 7 from that year the strikers were locked in a warehouse of Bella Vista farm and forced to take fuel to the place to be later shot and burned.

The tour continues through the provincial route number 12 by which you cross several old abandoned farms and field bowlings up to the Farm La Mata. There is the tomb of Albino Arguelles, one of the leaders of the revolt. In the place there is a plaque and a cross made with a handle guitar and a piece of tree branch. In this room you can also visit the cave paintings.

Another highlight of the tour is San Jose's farm. In this it is the "pasture of the deceased" where the shooting of several workers was done, here it was found a cross with the inscription "to the fallen by liverta" a phrase that is now present in each of the plaques of the trail.

The last stop is the Los Granaderos room where it was installed the operational tourist base of this tour. This ranch is in the ecology area "Meseta Central Mediterránea". It covers the historical downtown, a museum and the old bowling Martens.

The reference points of this circuit are Gobernador Gregores and Los Granaderos farm where there are places to stay and begin the journey built in defense of human rights.

Alojamiento en Gobernador Gregores

FotoEstancia La Oriental Ubicada en el Parque Nacional Perito Moreno. El acceso al mismo es por la Ruta provincial 37, la misma empalma con Rutaver másTel: +54 11 4152-6901Gobernador Gregores

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