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The community of Huingan-Co, a population of approximately one thousand inhabitants, was founded on April 16, 1964. This beautiful town could turn its mountain surroundings in a green landscape through pine trees that were planted so hard and now are a source of work. 

huingan-coView of the entry to Huingan-Có surrounded by pine plantations.

Huingan-Co is located 5 km from Andacollo, 61 km from Chos Malal, the main point of distribution and service of the North of Neuquén, and 460 km from the capital of the province of Neuquén.

This community is located on the left margin of the Neuquén River, among hills, crags and gorges, where streams converge as Butalón Norte, Huingan-Co, Manzano and Rahueco, among others.

The origin of its name is from the indigenous language Pehuenche and consists of two words: Huingan and Co. The first is the name of a native shrub (Schinus montanus) and the second means water, wash, slope, stream. That is that the translation of the name of the town is "stream of the huinganes" or "where there are huinganes".

Once in Huingan Có tourists have the opportunity to travel a few kilometers and see a variety of landscapes ranging from community forests in this town to the volcano Domuyo permafrost. Besides the different circuits or excursions that are designed to get to know every corner of the community.

Its streets covered by cherries and morello cherries with pines and poplars, give it an accent color to the town. There you can visit: the Nursery, the fish farm, the handmade candy factory, the Museum of the Tree and Wood, the Natural and Provincial Monument of Cypresses of Cañada Molina. You can also make excursions to the Corona hill or lagoon Huinganco on foot or horse and enjoy a pleasant stay on the banks of the rivers in the region.

Distances to Huingan-Có:

From Neuquén 460 km
From Chos Malal 61 km
From Andacollo 6 km
From Zapala 276 km
From Buenos Aires 1602 km

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