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Things to do in Neuquen

Neuquén es la capital de la provincia y la ciudad más grande la misma. Es una ciudad de gran movimiento tanto de día como de noche.

En verano, por su cercanía a tres ríos (Neuquén, Limay y Negro) brinda variadas opciones a la hora de buscar un balneario para refrescarse y recrearse.

Además, es de gran atractivo en el centro de Neuquén el paseo de artesanos, el monumento a los caídos de Malvinas y el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.


Neuquén Capital: the largest city in Patagonia Neuquén is the capital city of the province with same name. It is the fastest growing city in Patagonia. It is notable for its commercial hierarchy, because of being center of the political, administrative and cultural movement of the region and for its lively nightlife.
The Central Park and the Av Argentina in Neuquén The center of the city of Neuquén is steeped in history and culture which can be observed in different buildings in the Central Park, the largest green space in the locality.
An Astronomical Observatory in the Patagonia The city of Neuquén offers another possibility to enjoy your stay in a different way, watching the sky. In the Astronomical Observatory you can observe the solar system and distant stars and galaxies.
UNCo Museum in Neuquén The Museum of the National University of Comahue in Neuquén has the first mechanical dinosaur from Argentina.
Neuquén also has its Craft Fair Neuquén Craft Fair is at the downtown of the capital of the province, on Avenida Argentina. With 120 stalls and street performers, the fair became a must visit for the weekend.
Neuquén's museums Neuquén city has several museums that you can visit and in which you can know the history, culture and palaeontological activity of the town and the region.
National Museum of Fine Arts in Neuquén The National Museum of Fine Arts of Neuquén is the only venue of itself outside Buenos Aires, which has important works of national and international artist, as well as part of its national heritage.
Summer in Neuquén In the city of Neuquén, there are four resorts where you can enjoy a beach day and also there is a Coast Tour which links the banks of the rivers Limay and Neuquén.
Historic-Cultural Center Paraje Confluencia The Historic-Cultural Center "Paraje Confluencia" is located in the city of Neuquén and is part of the monuments that recall the early settlers of the city. It also has samples of the peoples who inhabited the area 10,000 years ago.

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