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As a necessary step in the center of the city to take the National Route No. 40 to Bariloche and El Calafate (within Los Glaciares National Park) and distribution point for routes to the four cardinal points why not stop and tour the main attractions that the city propose.

rio fenix, peroto MorenoFénix river. Photo courtesy of Oscar and Flavia Casarini.

To start the tour we walk through the Plaza General San Martín, where is the bust of the hero who combines his colors and shapes in contrast to coniferous trees, privet and multiple varieties of the surroundings.

Other destinations are the small square Malvinas Memorial, a square with a strong civic character. Here it pays the tribute to those who gave their lives for their country in the events in the Malvinas Islands. And the Square of the First Settlers, where is the wagon in honor of the first settlers, donated by the Sequeiros family and the boat of Eng Palavicini, brought from the north shore of Lake Buenos Aires.

The local artisans gather a couple of times during the week to display and offer a variety of local crafts in the Artisans Center. There you can find products made in wool, wood, stone and various accessories.

From the vantage point of Perito Moreno obtained an excellent view of the city along the valley of the Fénix Chico River and Deseado River mouth.

If you make a couple of kilometers you can visit the source of Deseado river. There you can see the process of water intake and treatment for consumption by the population of Perito Moreno. For site visits you have to request permission because there is no stipulated schedule. There you can also observed the different birds that inhabit the valley area.

Finally, we can go to Fénix River, a name given to it by Welsh settlers to the river changing course. It has a wealth estimated at 2 to 2.5 m3/sec is the most important river in the city, lined by about 800 meters. Its clear waters allow cool in the summer.

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