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From Perito Moreno, you can visit various attractions in the province of Santa Cruz, such as Los Antiguos, the lake Buenos Aires, the cave of the condors and the Cave of the Hands, among others.

Below we detail all the sights that you can visit from Perito Moreno, many within the Prito Moreno National Park.

monte zeballosView of Monte Zeballos. Photo courtesy of Lago Posadas Tourism Office.

Lake Buenos Aires. In this lake, the second largest in South America may obtain salmon, trout and perch, making the lake an important economic and tourism resource for the area. You can fish all year round with limit of two fishes. Always consult the rules of the season.

Lakes Posadas and Pueyrredón. Both lakes are separated by an isthmus, which is an excellent place for fishing of fish as rainbow trout, perchs and mackerel.

Paso Roballos where is located the International Pass.

Monte Zeballos. The same has a height of 2743 meters and has a natural forest of lengas and ñires. It was named by Carlos Maria Moyano, after the president and founder of the Institute of Geography Estanislao S. Zeballos.

Alero Charcamata or “way of the woodpecker”. It is located within the Estancia Los Toldos and tours depart from the Cueva de las Manos Inn. Here you can find rock art which depict figures of great importance in an impressive well-preserved wing of about 85 meters wide and 27 meters high, near Pinturas River. Imprints of hands in red, ocher, yellow, white and black, and other figures such as human figures, hunting scenes guanacos, pumas and rheas. You can make a 4x4 adventure tourism and trekking in the canyon.

Trip to Cave of the Condors. Also located in Los Toldos. You must travel 15 km to "The Buitreras" and then continue on horseback to the Pinturas river. There you can see walls of about 150 meters where condors live.

Tourist farms. Among them are offered accommodation, food and excursions such as trekking, horseback riding, birdwatching, fishing, visiting rock art sites, all framed by beautiful landscapes.

San Lorenzo hill. It is located in the south west of Lake Pueyrredón and has a height of 3706 meters. It was first climbed by Father De Agostini in 1940.

cerro san lorenzo, Perito MorenoSan Lorenzo hill and its valley in Perito Moreno National Park.

Bahía Pallavicini. 82 km from Perito Moreno (65 km by PR No. 45 and then turn to the left which cover about 17 km). Located in the north of Lake Buenos Aires, where rest Engeneer Pallavicini in the countryside under a simple monument. This was one of the outstanding contributors in the work accomplished by the Perito Moreno in Patagonia.

On the northern shore of Lake Buenos Aires lived for months, the members of Argentina Boundary Commission, to chair the Perito Francisco Pascasio Moreno. In that place was abandoned the boat which is currently in the Plaza of Immigrants in the Paseo del Parque Laguna.

Erratic Blocks that are un the way to Los Antiguos both sides of the Provincial Route No. 43.

Cave of the Hands on the Pinturas River. Located south of Perito Moreno, 118 km through National Route No. 40 and 45 km Provincial Route No. 97 to the refuge near the archaeological site in the Pinturas River Canyon. 

From the refuge, with caregiver and baths, access to a footpath that runs through the exhibition of paintings of different colors and shapes reflected in cave rocks, shelters and overhangs of the canyon.

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