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The city of Trevelin offers many activities where you can learn the history, flora, fauna and geography of the region. You may do them during most of the year in 4x4 vehicles, horseback riding and mountain biking, among others, with no restrictions on age, health, fitness and/or previous experience.

Among the places to be visited is Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex and the International Pass. It is a journey of six hours in which you can see a large-scale piece of engineering, the beauty of the flora found in the Andean Patagonian forest and after the international pass you can visit the nearby town of Futaleufu in Chile.

The Mountain Shelter and Hostel Wilson, which has a maximum capacity of 48 people, is located in the wooded hillside Cord Situación, only 7 km from the urban area of ​​Trevelin.

During the summer months (until April or so) you can reach the shelter in conventional vehicles, while in winter only be reached by ATV or horseback.

In the place you can perform a variety of recreational activities such as trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, sledding, etc, and also you can enjoy nightly shows during the summer weekends. 

Río fulaleufu, trevelinFutaleufu river in Trevelin, on route to Chile. Photo courtesy of E. Lembeye.

Another possible excursion is the lake Baguilt, a beautiful mountain lake which is declared as a Nature Tourist Reserve. The same is located at the foot of Mount Cónico, Argentine-Chilean natural limit, from whose glacial waters recede to nourish it. Being at more than 1000 meters, it has a flora and fauna not found in other lakes of Trevelin and of the Los Alerces National Park.

To get there you must travel 22 km from Trevelin, for which pass through 18 km of difficult road on National Route 259. It is therefore recommended to go in 4x4 vehicles, mountain biking, trekking or horse.

Because of the area's natural wealth and extreme fragility, all recreational activities should be accompanied by a guide. Thus, you can do bird watching, trekking, horse riding and climbing, among others.

The Cavalcade of "Los Rifleros", a day lon, sets in one of the most spectacular open circuits in Trevelin to practice this activity. On the way you follow the footsteps of Welsh pioneers who discovered and settled the valley.

Here tourists can enjoy the different scenery offered by the sub-Antarctic plateu forest ecotone, and its varied flora and fauna. After the ride and watching from a vantage point, one can understand why the pioneers originally christened this site with the name "Cwm Hifryd", which means Charming/Wonderful/Beautiful Valley.

The extras in this circuit are to enjoy a traditional barbecue, or spend a few spectacular hours of fishing (in the form Fly Casting and obligatory return of the pieces) in a gated community.

Finally, you can go to the Tranquila Island, located in the Futaleufu River about 30 minutes ride away. This island of 3 hectares of forest and with completely limited access only to clients may be used as a haven for fishermen and hikers on board. But it is also a place of lush beauty and away from noise and crowds, ideal for a break from the routine of the city. We recommend making reservations in advance because of the high demand that has the place, primarily in the summer.

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