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Things to do in Cmte. Luis Piedrabuena

A 3 kilómetros de Comandante Luis Piedra Buena se encuentra el complejo turístico “Isla Pavón” en el que se puede disfrutar del contacto con la naturaleza. Entre las actividades que se pueden realizar se encuentra un inusual mini zoológico con zorros grises, colorados y pumas distribuidos en grandes jaulones, así como también realizar avistaje de aves. Además vale la pena conocer el rudimentario pero eficiente sistema de noria que eleva el agua del río hasta unos piletones para facilitar el riego del lugar.


Comandante Luis Piedrabuena: general data The people of Santa Cruz say that Comandante Luis Piedrabuena is an oasis in the Patagonia. An oasis that has 5000 inhabitants and stands on the great estuary formed by the rivers Santa Cruz and Chico at the foot of a large plateau.
Pavón Island Resort Pavón Island is located 3 km from the town of Comandante Luis Piedra, between the main bridge and the secondary bridge over Santa Cruz river. The Resort offers visitors the chance to spend a pleasant, quiet and at peace stay with friends or family.
International Steelhead Trout Festival The International Steelhead Trout Festival takes place in late March or early April in Luis Piedrabuena, because this town is considered the "National Capital of Steelhead Trout", for being one of the places in the country where you can find this variety of "heads of steel" trouts in greater numbers and size.
Children's Theme Park Comandate Piedrabuena has a new recreational space for the young ones with the theme of cartoon characters as Patoruzú and Isidoro Cañonez.
Botanical and Recreational Garden Park San Carlos The city of Piedrabuena has the only botanical garden in the province of Santa Cruz and it is the southernmost in the world. There you can live a unique and magical experience learning about nature and its historical context.
Swans arrive to Piedrabuena The sighting of black-necked and coscoroba swans is one of the attractions of the town of Piedrabuena in the month of November because you can see whole families wandering the shores of river.

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