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At the foot of the plateau of Somoncurá, a large area of ​​biologically rich and unique in the country it is the Don Pedro farm, a familiar place that is dedicated to rural tourism, offering activities to do outdoors in a unique place in the world.

estancia los menucosYou can go hourseback riding in the area.

This is an area of ​​5000 hectares in which work the owners, a group of physical education teachers that invite tourists to learn about the riches of the South Line and show the amount of activities you can do at this point in Patagonia so little mentioned.

The field is 25 kilometers from the plateau of Somoncurá. A place you can visit not only to see its landscapes, but also to meet the endemic species that live there, such as the "naked minnow", a unique fish in the world. Here, the vegetation is typically Patagonian and there are rock formations on the soil that are from Precambrian times, which date back 1500 million years.

This property is located in the south of the province of Río Negro. Southeast of the town of Los Menucos on Provincial Route No. 66 going south at 25 km from Somoncurá. You can reach the farm in any type of vehicle.

Photographers find in the area a wealth of material to photograph and learn, but also is an opportunity for sportsmen and lovers of the outdoors because in the place can be done adventure sports and tours combined with entertainment.

esquila los menucosShearing is the favourite activity among tourists.

These plateaus of Patagonia are an unforgettable experience and original contact with the Argentine countryside. It is an opportunity to relax, share with family or friends.

At the same time in the farm you can do farm activities including shearing that, depending on the season, visitors can taste and feel the experience of shearing an animal. Harness are shown, you can meet and feed the animals and visitors can also laearn how to do an authentic "asado".

In the place you can camp, there are toilets, a large barbecue area and pools for washing clothes or other objects. Among the services are provided typical meals that are included with rates of the excursions.

The tours are divided into packets, among them you can choose a trip to the plateau, visiting Chanquin where you can see cave paintings and the flora and fauna. Another possibility is to spend two days in the farm doing activities in a package that includes everything. Also you can do the mining circuit, which consists of a day in Los Menucos to see how they work are removed the slab stone and porphyry, there are sculptures and monuments made with these materials, and finished the day visiting a craft show. The next day recreational activities are performed in the field, that can be the following:

estancia los menucosYou can hire bycicles.
  • Trekking: you can do biological and archaeological tours. You can also enjoy the scenery and native animals in their natural habitat. 
  • Mountain Biking: You will be able to go through natural trails made by local animals.
  • Hourseback riding: uncomparable passages, touring the area.
  • Wind car: For those who love speed and adrenaline should not miss the opportunity to drive these cars reaching incredible speeds thank to the patagonian winds.
  • Rappelling and climbing: There are natural arenas with different kinds of difficulties. At the foot of the plateau of Somuncura where you can feel all the frenzy of these extreme sports.
  • Recreation and sports: Courts of tennis, volleyball, soccer, shuffleboard and games.
  • Camping: You can go camping in the midst of nature to feel even closer, and have fun with activities, night games, the inevitable fire and guitar.

Those who want to make this adventure in the Southern Line should contact before to arrange for package chosen and the number of people. Tel: (02940) 492106 / 492165.

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