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At 5 km from the town of Pico Truncado it is "Sonora Town", a park with sculptures built to sound over the wind.


The sculptures are made of marble and metal and they are constructed so as to emit sound when the wind pass. They measure between 3 and 4 meters and were strategically placed to emit different sounds, some more acute and more deep.

The Patagonian wind blows strong in these areas, so in Pico Truncado it have been installed a wind farm and this innovative work designed by Mario Alvarez, musician and composer.

This park was built with the aim of promoting tourism in the region. Visitors can come to see and hear the six sculptures that make up the park that were made by national artists and from the countries of Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia.

“Las alas del viento”, “Sonidos del Misterio”, “Eclipse”, “El llanto de hoy”, “Ecos del silencio” y “Ocarina” are the names of the sculptures found in this park built in 2002 becoming an attractive option when choosing a destination in Patagonia.

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