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Ecocentro of Puerto Madryn is a space of encounter and reflection inspired on the Patagonian Sea, which promotes, through education, science and art, a more harmonious attitude with the ocean. 

Ecocentro, Puerto MadrynSpacious and modern environments characterize Ecocentro.

With an approach from the scientific, artistic, poetic and cultural Ecocentro's proposal brings us to the knowledge of the Patagonian Sea through a unique educational experience of its kind.

The central exhibition, "A Orillas de un Frío Río de Mar", spreads the knowledge of the sea alive as the result of a long evolutionary process that is manifested in a combination of ocean floor, moving water, life processes such as photosynthesis and trophic and functional relationships between the various organisms that inhabit it.

The style of the exhibition combines aspects of environmental interpretation with modern artwork and video presentations. The mission is to contribute to the understanding and protection of the sea and it offers visitors a chance to think about the world around them, promoting important values ​​such as respect and willingness to discover.

The message that leaves us Ecocentro is that the marine ecosystem is a large and complex unit, where its various components and processes are closely interconnected, so what happens to one component affects the entire ecosystem. 

In Ecocentro you can also visit the exhibition "Habitantes de un pozo de marea", which is an artificial pond that simulates a tidal pool of the intertidal Patagonia. It is seen in their different habitats marine invertebrates such as starfish and anemones coexisting alongside crabs and snails.

Vista del Ecocentro en Puerto MadrynEcocentro view from the sea. Photo courtesy of A. Patrian.

We can also enjoy the new room "Sombras y rumores de ballenas", a comprehensive sample of the southern right whale. It consists of panels on biology and ecology, videos and an installation that will take us to the sounds of whales to the most intimate contact with the marine world.

Ecocentro complements with the exhibition "Lejano y Profundo Mar" on the geography and the species that inhabit the deep: a complete whale skeleton, a bar with all the features, a tower with the best view of the Gulf to relax and enjoy a moment of contemplation or relaxation, a fully equipped auditorium for conferences and workshops, a section dedicated exclusively to children and a shop theme, ideal to take as well as one of the best experiences, a souvenir of this unique and unforgettable place.

The Ecocentro is open all year from Tuesday to Sunday from 14:30 to 19:30 hours from the famous Indian monument in Punta Cuevas, Julio Verne 3784 in the coastal city. 

The Foundation

Interior del EcocentroThe tidal pool contains species that live in these formations for all to see.

EcoCentro Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote respect and understanding of the world around us in a fascinating way: the Patagonian sea as an inspiration and through education, science and art.

It supports research with the primary aim of bringing the scientific discipline to the wider community. But the commitment to science goes beyond reporting its results: the Ecocentro visitors discover how researchers work, what are the methodological tools and the relevance of scientific projects.

Inquiries and Reports

Phone: (02965) 457470 to 73

For school group visits to contact

Alojamiento en Puerto Madryn

FotoDepartamento Ñire Refugio Madryn Departamento de 1 dormitorio, living y una cocina totalmente equipada. ver másTel: Puerto Madryn

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