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Things to do in Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn se caracteriza por ser un lugar ideal para ver las ballenas. Estos animales comienzan a llegar a la costa entre los meses de mayo y junio y se quedan hasta noviembre, diciembre. Pero esto no es todo lo que se puede realizar en la ciudad, entre las actividades al aire libre que se pueden realizar, para los más aventureros están el trekking, buceo, moutain bike, kayak, pesca, paseos náuticos y buceo en aguas transparentes.

Otra opción es hacer un recorrido por la ciudad visitando museos y lugares característicos.

Un lugar imperdible si se visita Puerto Madryn es la Península Valdés, un área natural única en el mudo, favorecida con la presencia de elefantes y lobos marinos, pingüinos, aves, y la famosa ballena Franca Austral, que tiene a esta zona como área de reproducción.


Puerto Madryn: gateway to the surprising Peninsula Valdés Madryn has grown in recent years thanks to its tremendous tourism potential, since it is a base for visiting wildlife reserves of great attraction. Moreover, this city lives in other areas such as fishing, the steel industry and others.
Peninsula Valdés: a unique wildlife reservoir Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia is a unique natural area in the world, blessed with the presence of sea elephants and lions, penguins, birds, and the famous Southern Right Whale, which comes to breed here.
Ecocentro: a place to discover the sea Ecocentro in Puerto Madryn is an institution dedicated to the study of marine life.
Diving in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn is a great place for diving. Clear waters and well organized tours entice newcomers to the city, even those already experienced in the activity.
Punta Tombo: a colony of penguins, to enjoy up close Punta Tombo is the largest community of penguins in Patagonia. Once a year they come to nest and have their young. It is located 180 km from Puerto Madryn.
Punta Loma: Natural Reserve A large reserve of sea lions of a hair can be found only 17 km from Puerto Madryn. Must do opportunity to meet them.
A day in the ranches of Patagonia, near Madryn From Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piráamides you can hire a tour that allows you to approach the culture of the countryside in Patagonia. Half day to participate in various activities of a ranch.
Visiting the Florentino Ameghino Dam from Madryn The Ameghino dam is a frequently ignored place, which is worth visiting. In the lake surroundings you can camp and practice different sports.
Cultural activities at the Ecocentro The Ecocentro of Puerto Madryn seeks to combine art, science and culture and in this framework it provides concerts and shows.
National Cordero Festival in Puerto Madryn The National Cordero Festival is a celebration to taste some traditional dishes of Patagonia and enjoy rodeo shows.
What to do in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn offers tourists plenty to do outdoors and also wildlife tours in order to enjoy the area.
Madryn Al Plato: The foods of Patagonia. Each winter the event takes place the gourmet event Madryn al Plato. It gathers leading experts to give workshops and classes. There are also tasting local dishes. It will be held on July 25 to 30, 2011.
Penguin Season in Punta Tombo Since September you can spot the Magellanic penguins that arrive on the coast of Patagonia at Punta Tombo, 180 km from Puerto Madryn.
Puerto Madryn City Tour A tour of the city of Puerto Madryn allows you to see the different architectural styles that represent the town and its traditional sites.
Puerto Madryn in the summer Beaches, water, recreational and sport activities are some of the reasons to spend the summer in Puerto Madryn.
Peninsula Valdés: how to get there from Puerto Madryn During the trip from Madryn to Peninsula Valdés you can observe the flora and fauna of this area of Patagonia that has made the site into World Heritage. On the peninsula there are different places to visit and learn.
Provincial Museum of Natural Science and Oceanography in Puerto Madryn The Provincial Museum of Natural Science and Oceanography in Puerto Madryn is one of the city's historic buildings. Its main aim is to show man's interaction with nature.
Madryn Rock Festival Puerto Madryn hosts a mega music festival in the month of January. It is called Madryn Rock.
El Doradillo Beach El Doradillo Protected Natueal Area is a unique site where you can spot the southern right whales from the shore only a few meters away.
Easter in Madryn: Via Crucis Underwater Puerto Madryn invites you to enjoy Easter in an original way, with a submarine Via Crucis. Near the cruise ship dock "Luis Piedra Buena". This Via Crucis runs 500 meters underwater.

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