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Culinary tradition: the black Welsh cake See map

Chubut visitors are always looking to take a souvenir of the traditional "black Welsh cake".

Torta galesa, TrevelinThe black Welsh cake was born, actually, in Chubut.

Few know, however, that the origin of this cake is clearly from Chubut and evokes one of the toughest periods in the Welsh settlement in these lands. 

The food shortages that these pioneers had to cross repeatedly, forced women to invent and reinvent the ways to stretch the few elements that they had and seek to retain over time.

Thus a group of families gathered together several ingredients and the skilled hands of the women were mixing together flour, brown sugar, nuts and other ingredients on, shaping a cake whose main features were high in calories and long storability.

After the worst moments, the black cake was always a symbol of perseverance, survival and spirit of solidarity. Built in the tradition of the Welsh colony for many years, a black cake crowned the wedding cake. The couple, once married divided among their guests some of the cake, and kept some for them wrapped in tissue paper inside a cookie tin. Thus all the months that followed, they commemorated the date of your wedding in the privacy sharing a piece of that dark cake, always wet and of very particular taste, now a symbol of that union that will always overcome the most difficult times.

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