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The lowest rate between the Argentine ski resorts, a location that lets you keep the snow well into October and the ability to endlessly glide along 5 kilometers of slopes. These are some of the features that attract adventurous skiers in this activity. 

La Hpya, Esquel

The way that naturally have this place, a pot, it allows the sun melts the snow early, thanks to this season extends to almost the month of October, when skiing is possible "on T-shirts." In La Hoya powder snow makes the difference from other ski resorts and allowed here to do downhill skiing, skiing and snowboarding.

It is located just 12 kilometers from Esquel, Chubut province, and it has 24 tracks and nearly 20 kilometers of slopes. The new lifts (three lifts imported from France in 1997), allowed to expand in recent years on the ski surface of the hill at more than double its 9000 meters.

Video courtesy of the Chubut Government

Thanks to a flexible layout of the slopes, with connections as secure as dynamic, it is now possible to descend upon the tables along five kilometers without stopping. A rare privilege that will be surely appreciated by the skiers.

Rates are one of the lowest prices in the market, however, La Hoya resort offers skiing class with groomed slopes for all the difficulties and noting especially the areas where snowboarding off-piste's fans will look at home.

Facilities and services

Two cafés (La Piedra, at elevation 1600, and Del Refugio, at an altitude of 1800), a hotel at the base of the hill, a lodge with restaurant, ski equipment rental, day care, ski school and always friendly treatment of staff in charge of meeting all the needs of the skier and his family.

 La Hoya, Esquel One of the most important ski resorts in Patagonia.

On the hill there are activities for all tastes. La Piedra café provides services so that eating on the mountain is an experience in itself. Its goal is that everyone can enjoy moments of rest in the mountains with a tasty and hot meal, careful attention and prompt service. And for those seeking a truly different experience, its gourmet space, located in a completely renovated mezzanine, will have a different menu every day in which excel the trouts, Patagonian lamb, regional hares and berries. 

Another option is to take a La Piedra breakfast designed for skiers who need to add calories and protein for a full day of physical activity, and also La Piedra Tea, which includes crafts cookies and cakes. 

Season Opening

Every year it is hold an event to kick off the ski season which brings together the best athletes and enthusiasts of this discipline. The opening usually have the presence of a national artist for a show and the traditional rugby X-Treme match in the snow with the participation of former Pumas.

At all times, visitors may use travel agencies or offices of municipal reports to provide the necessary information so that always reach the desired location and enjoy a pleasant stay. It is also present the National Ski Festival in September.

2011 Season Rates


Low Season
18/06 to 08/07
05/09 to 10/10

Medium Season
01/08 to 12/08
16/08 to 04/09

High Season
09/07 to 31/07

13 to 15/08



Adult Min/Sen Adult Min/Sen
Lift 35 35 35 35 35 35
Half Day* 95 75 105 85 125 100
Dayly 115 95 145 115 160 125
2 days 220 175 260 210 290 230
3 days 320 260 385 305 425 335
4 days 400 320 500 400 560 435
5 days 505 415 605 485 680 530
6 days + 1 Day free 600 485 705 565 795 620
15 Days 1040 840 1260 1010 1450 1150
Monthly 2080 1685 2520 2015 2750 2180


  • *Half Day is from 13 pm.
  • Categories. Minor: 6 to 12 years. Adults: 13 to 55 years. Senior: 56 to 65. Children less than 5 years and Master over 65 No Charge, they will pay only $5 insurance.

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