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Hundreds of tourists of Chubut, from other provinces and around the world gather to share a holiday that combines fun with the rich tradition of Patagonia. Ii is to celebrate a new edition of the National Ski Festival which takes place in the ski resort La Hoya in the city of Esquel

La Hoya, EsquelAdults and children enjoy each winter of the ski resort La Hoya.

Every year in winter Esquel dresses up and all presents, both local community and visitors that arrive at the destination by this time, are part of a unique event where it is chosen the queen and her princesses to represent the city at local, regional, provincial and national events.

During the event there is a Craft Fair for tourists to purchase local products and crafts made by residents of the area and beyond. As well as performances by regional and national artist, loggers contest, a dance of loggers (an event thought to be a family festival), the "Feast of the flakes" where the queen candidates are presented, a waiters race around the streets of Esquel, and the Festival ends with the "Night of Fire at La Hoya" in which there are torches downs and the official presentation of the new queen and her princesses.

A little history

The Ski Festival was born in 1979 with provincial level, when a group of residents and businesses of the city of Esquel took the initiative to develop an event that had as an axis to promote the "Spring Snow." On this occasion it was attended by renowned personalities of the show as Claudio Levrino, Beatriz Taibo and Graciela Alfano. Already in the next edition, the event took the cathegory of National Party and it has since been held every year at the same time.

Fiesta de Esquí, EsquelEvery year young women are noted to be the future National Queen of Skiing.

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