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Regional museum Lorenzo Vintter

The museum was founded on December 17, 1949 by Manuel José Félix Arenaza, a teacher in the city, thanks to the efforts of neighbors and their insistence to gather in a space for history of the place.

Soon the museum had more than 300 pieces donated by local residents, who mounted the first exhibition at the Popular Library Julio Argentino Roca. The library housed the museum in its early years, then transferred to a building on the 25 de MAyo Street and during the years of military dictatorship was transferred several more. Then, for many years remained in the old city hall on España street 1650 and in 2010 moved to its permanent location at the corner of Artigas and Buenos Aires.

They saved a piece of the history of the city and surrounding villages as well, such as clothing for the desert expeditionary campaigns, tools and utensils of the aborigines who inhabited these lands, the first radios that were in the region and a host of farm machinery and labor that make the production history of the place. The work of collecting, preserving and promoting the heritage that identifies the city of Roca does not stop.

museo ciencias general rocaEl museo de Ciencias Naturales abre sus puertas al público a principios del 2008.

The museum has several rooms with names and materials relating to the different moments of history. The room "First Settlers" houses elements of the cultures Tehuelche and Mapuche. The room "Encounter of Two Worlds" tells the story of the amalgamation between the white man and Indian. "Campaign of General Roca" shows photos, clothing, letters, weapons and all the memories of that time and "Roca of Yesteryear" brings together objects donated by the first inhabitants of the city.

Patagonian Museum of Natural Sciences

The museum gives institutional support to research activities, dissemination, awareness and conservation of natural and cultural heritage of the region. It is located on Avenida Roca 1250, diagonally to the monument to the apple, and has as main objective to consolidate the museum as a dynamic center where you can meet, study, research and spend time at their facilities.

Municipal Art Museum "Juan Sánchez"

This museum was established on September 30, 1983 by Municipal Resolution No. 1301 and opened on November 8 of that year in the building at street corner Sarmiento and Villegas, and in 2009 moved to 25 de Mayo and Kennedy. Its first director was the sculptor Rafael Roca and has since developed an uninterrupted work.

The museum's collection, adding the assets of the Association of Friends in permanent deposit-reach 200 works including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and objects of recognized regional and national authors, with pieces of very high value as the "La montaña roja" by Luis Felipe Noé, "Ocre en Piriapolis" by Leopoldo Torres Agüero, "Punto de vista sobre una manzana" by Jack Vanarsky and the sculpture "Madre" of Antonio Sibellino. A set of works which are the pride of the city.

With love and professionals who work in collaboration with the Municipal Art Museum Juan Sanchez trying to project to Patagonia and the country dreaming of a modern institution that meets museum standards in terms of training, study, preservation and exhibition of Collection.

Alojamiento en General Roca

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