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Permit and trout species

To practice sport fishing in the environments of jurisdiction of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, it is necessary to have a fishing permit that can be purchased in Fishing Associations, Fly Shops or at different stores.

pesca-rio-grandeFishing at sunset in the Río Grande.

Tierra del Fuego attracts anglers because of the quality and number of trouts that inhabit the rivers, where they can practice styles highly qualified assuring a full day of fishing. From the plains of the steppe of Tierra del Fuego, with calm winding rivers and the park of Tierra del Fuego, where it begins the first lifts up the mountain lakes surrounded by forests and mountains. During the months of November to April, coinciding with the fishing season, daily hours of light increase significantly due to the latitude where it is the province, making it possible to enjoy long days of fishing in a pristine environment.

The species were introduced in the 30s by John Goodall, who imported trout eggs and young trouts of Bariloche and Chile. These were adapted and now they inhabit the rivers of the province. Among the species stands the salmon family in terms of beauty, color and quality that places it in a world privilege level.

trucha-arcoirisRainbow trout.

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): a small head, long body, its color is really attractive, with blue or green to the sides and a silvery white belly. In the middle of its sides has a purple-red band and its whole body is dotted with dark spots.

Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis) of great beauty, brown with flecks of green and red light on its back and the top of the head, the belly is pinkish white. Because of the characteristic pink color of its flesh earned the name of "salmon trout" or "salmon".

Brown Trout (Salmo trutta): It is the most common of all trouts. It comes from Europe and it is the wildest of all as it shows when defend its territory aggressively. It is very stout and in all fishing seasons is the champion earning a record size. The largest trouts that had been fished are of this kind. Specimen have been obtained up to 14 kgs. Its golden brown color combination, finishing in its abdominal region with a yellowish-white. It has spots pale gray circled. 

trucha-marronBrown trout.

Silver Trout (Salmo fario): For some reason not yet discovered some specimens of brown trout drop the rivers to adapt and live in the ocean taking marine features. Their weight exceeds 10 kg and they take a silvery color characteristic of marine fish, for spawning rivers again. Because of its adaptability to both media is regarded as native trout.

Locked Salmon (Salmo Salar Sebago): It's silver on the back and blue on the head, it has black spots on the flanks, dark dorsal fins and jaws and belly creamy. It was introduced in 1977 from eggs of Canada, the first planting took place in the river Moat.

Fishing methods

Spinning: for practice, it is best a short rod, different varieties of tea spoon, a medium reel and a nylon of 0.30 mm giving a capacity to throw 15 to 20 mts.

Fly cast: you use a flexible rod for a line 8 and flies according to color, preferably dark flies because they resemble tiny babies who eat the trouts for food.


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