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The first Sunday in March is carried out a new edition of the event that distinguishes the sheepdog, a figure in farm world. This dog has not been replaced by machinery in spite of technological progress.

ovejeroThe sheepdog contest is the main attraction of the festival.

As from 1974 the northern part of Tierra del Fuego dresses up and celebrates the traditional Sheepdog Festival in the paddock 'Pedro Pechar' in El Roble farm, 25 km from Río Grande by the complementary route 'F'. Each edition is named after the renowned sheeperd.

This celebration pays tribute to the farm man who tackles the breeding, training and handling of dogs for daily work with the sheep. An important task for the development of sheep farming in the area.

In each edition take place different activities like creole games, shearing demonstrations and a lunch of lamb 'in stick'.


But the moment of greatest stress is experienced when the dogs are crowned winners of the sheepdog contest, where participants and their animals must work to guide a flock of sheep through an obstacle course in the shortest possible time.

The grand prize is a horse and a medal for the dog to do better during the competition.

Sheepdog Festival 2011

The 37th Sheepdog Festival was held Sunday March 6, a unique event and consolidated in rural tourism activities of Tierra del Fuego.

Photos: Facundo Santana

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