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Mountain Bike: rules of the road See map

If you want to start mountain-biking or even if you are an expert in the field, there are certain rules that you can not miss. The following are instituted by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association).

Ride only on permitted roads: follow road and trail closures (when in doubt ask), avoid crossing private land, obtain permission if necessary. Some areas of parks may be closed to cycling.

Do not leave traces, be sensitive to the environment. Even in open spaces you should not ride in conditions that are evidence of your passage, as on certain soils after a rain. Watch for different soil types. Practice low-impact cycling, this means staying on the track and not creating new ones. Make sure at least bringing back the same charge that led.

Maintain control of your bike! The lack of attention for a second can cause serious problems. Respect the rules and be very careful with speed.

Always yield. Make your presence known in advance. A friendly greeting is considerated and works well, do not startle others. When passing others, show them respect by slowing down or stopping at all. Keep in mind that other users can be held in curves or blind spots.

Never scare animals. All animals are startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or loud noise. This can be dangerous for you, for others and for the same animals. Must be given place and time to get used to your presence. Take special care with people on horseback. Scare and disturb wildlife is a serious offense. Close the gates or leave them as indicated.

Plan ahead: Know your team, your own limitations and the area to visit. Prepare accordingly. Be self-sufficient. Wear a helmet, keep your bike in good conditions and take the necessary elements in anticipation of changes in climatic conditions. A well-executed trip is a satisfaction for you and it should not be a burden or nuisance to others.

Other considerations

Some indications may seem truisms, but none is more when it comes to addressing the steep paths of Bariloche.  

  • Go away with "extra" time to compensate for unforeseen events such as punctures, tears, searching for paths and trails, etc.
  • The times shown in the circuits include rest stops, take pictures, hydrated and eat. 
  • Familiar with the degree of difficulty indicated, as everyone has its own perception.
  • There is the option to rent bicycles and equipment, with or without guides. 
  • No fire. Only if absolutely necessary to do so, turn the bare minimum near a stream, never on the humus of the understory, and then off before retiring (flood its).  
  • Seek permission from owners or managers in private land and to forest ranger in national parks.
  • Always close the gates!
  • Read carefully the IMBA rules and respect them.
  • In case you faced with the aggression of a dog, it is preferable to face stopping the march.
  • Minimum elements to bring drinks and water purification tablets.
  • Food, aspirin and basic first aid items.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen (especially from December to March.)
  • Tools, a spare tube, oil pump and patches. Compass and maps.
  • Helmet at all times, gloves, goggles and a small backpack or fanny pack with a windbreak and some clothes to change into.
  • Optional:
    - Light camera
    - For circuits with crossings of major rivers and streams, bring a pair of beach sandals with ankle straps, or rubber-soled sandals (They are light and not get wet walking shoes). 

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