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Things to do in San Carlos de Bariloche

A 19 kilómetros de la ciudad de Bariloche se encuentra el cerro Catedral, uno de los mejores centros de esquí a nivel internacional. Con más de 70 pistas, miles de turistas arriban cada año para disfrutar del invierno, ya que, además de la nieve, la ciudad es famosa por sus ricos chocolates.

Bariloche se encuentra a orillas del lago Nahuel Huapi en el que se pueden realizar diferentes actividades como por ejemplo la pesca deportiva. La temporada comienza en noviembre y se extiende hasta abril.

Para los que les gusta la aventura, Bariloche ofrece la posibilidad de realizar varias actividades de montaña entre las que se destacan el trekking, el kayakismo y la escalada.

Además de recorrer la ciudad se pueden realizar otros paseos como: los cerros Tronador, Otto, Leones, Viejo, el Tren Histórico a vapor, la isla Victoria, el Puerto Blest y cascada de Los Cántaros, y por último, el cruce internacional de los lagos andinos.


Fourtrax in Bariloche Rides a Fourtrax at cerro Catedral either in summer or winter.
Bariloche, a city with natural beauty and many cultures San Carlos de Bariloche, located at the foot of the Patagonian Andes is one of the major tourist destinations in Argentina.
Cerro Catedral: the most important ski resort 19 km from the city of Bariloche is Cerro Catedral, a ski resort of international class.
Catedral Alta Patagonia, cerro Catedral Catedral Alta Patagonia is the company responsible for Cerro Catedral. 40 lifts, snowboard park and chairlifts are some of the attractions.
Catedral Winter Ski Season Cerro Catedral winter 2011 season rates for ski passes and lifts.
Tours to Tronador Hill and Los Alerces Waterfalls This tour in Bariloche runs one of the most beautiful areas of Nahuel Huapi National Park in Patagonia, and the highest mountain in the area: El Tronador.
Circuito Chico The Cicuito Chico is a tour around Bariloche, to see the most important attractions in the area, including the Llao Llao Peninsula and Lake Moreno.
El Bolsón from Bariloche From Bariloche you can visit numerous places, including El Bolsón, a beautiful mountain village located at the foot of the Piltriquitrón hill.
Colonia Suiza in Bariloche The Colonia Suiza in Bariloche is ideal for touring in a day. Famous are its gastronomy and homemade sweets.
Circuito Grande through the Seven Lakes Route Circuito Grande from Bariloche passes through Valle Encantado, with its curiously shaped rocks, the Confluencia, Villa Traful and Lake Correntoso, among other places.
Myrtle Forest and Victoria Island A traditional catamaran trip in Bariloche is the visit to Myrtle Forest and Victoria Island.
Blest Port and Lake Frías From Bariloche a tour to Los Cántaros Falls and Lake Frías.
The imposing Llao Llao Hotel Llao Llao Hotel was built in 1935. It suffered successive crises but always maintained its glory. It is one of the most well known postcards of Patagonia.
Fishing in Bariloche In Bariloche and its surroundings you can practice sport fishing in rivers and lakes and you can get trouts and native species such as mackerel and perch, always in a regulated framework to protect the fish.
Cerro Otto: another option to enjoy the snow What to do at Complejo Teleférico Cerro Otto in Bariloche, with its famous rotating cafeteria.
4x4 Tours: thrills at four speeds The city of Bariloche offers incredible roads to travel in 4x4 vehicles.
Guide to mountain bike in Bariloche A guide to the best routes and the degree of difficulty of Bariloche, written by a group of local experts.
Made in Bariloche Bariloche has inspired artisans and producers who sell their local products. You can find everything from iron and wood crafts, organic vegetables and smoked foods.
HIgh mountain activities in Bariloche Bariloche city is an ideal place to practice high mountain adventure sports such as trekking, kayaking, skiing and climbing.
Aquaculture: cultivating and harvesting fish Aquaculture is the art of raising fish in captivity.
Chocolate, a trademark of Bariloche Europeans who migrated to Bariloche in the early twentieth century brought this delicacy. Today, few visitors leave the city without taking even a box of the famous "Bariloche chocolate".
Tren Patagónico The Tren Patagónico is one of the most complete transports for all residents and tourists in the southern province of Río Negro. An adventure on rails.
Activities to do in Bariloche A summary of the places you can visit in the beautiful city of Bariloche, which includes the main museums and tours.
Bariloche by steam train This historic train excursions leaves from the railway station of San Carlos de Bariloche and runs along the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.
National Snow Festival in Bariloche Each year the National Snow Festival takes place in Bariloche , where you can enjoy traditional competitions, shows and the long-awaited election of the queen.
History Race and Journalists Race History Race is a race that recreates classic forms of skiing by pioneer in the field. You can enjoy at in Catedral in Bariloche.
Photographic Safari, learn how to better portray landscapes and moments Bariloche offers a new alternative to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, ideal for digital photo enthusiasts, in the form of photographic safaris.
Cerro Catedral in summer too Visitors can climb Cerro Bariloche which also offers summer activities like mountain bikes, climbing and games for kids, among other things.
4 Refugios Race The 4 Refugios Race is a competition in which 4 mountain shelters of Bariloche are visited, an event that brings together hundreds of athletes every year.
Dos Cerros Challenge in Bariloche One of the biggest competitions on Mountain Bike in Patagonia is carried out in Bariloche during April: the Dos Cerros Challenge.
Tetra Catedral Tetra Cathedral is an event disputed in Bariloche that involves 4 disciplines (ski, mountain bike, kayak and trekking) and hundreds of athletes every year.
Live Adventure Week in Bariloche In Bariloche the first week of November goes to competitions, sports, cultural and recrattional activities. It is known as Adventure Week.
The Mil Millas Race, a classic in Bariloche The Mil Millas is a race involving classic and sport cars. It is held in November in Bariloche and also covers the towns of Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes, Junín de los Andes and El Bolsón.
Trekking: Frey Shelter of Bariloche Frey Shelter is one of the most important refuges on Cerro Catedral in Bariloche. Hundreds of tourists arrive there every year, many looking for the famous rocks to climb.
Trekking: Berghof Shelter - Otto Hill The Berghoff shelter is located on Cerro Otto in Bariloche. In it you can find food and shelter.
Trekking: Cerro López Shelter The Lopez shelter is a resting place on Cerro López in Bariloche. From there you can perform a tour to La Hoya del López or Pico Turista.
Trekking: Manfredo Segre and San Martín Shelters From Colonia Suiza in Bariloche you can reach both Manfredo Segre and San Martín refuges. Both on the shores of the Negra and Jakob lagoons respectively.
The fishing Season and its rules in Bariloche Information on sport fishing in and around Bariloche. Methods allowed, areas and rules to carry out this activity.
Luis Broger: a chocolate maker with history Luis Broger, a descendent of the Goye, was the founder of 3 companies of chocolates in Bariloche and nowadays is in charge of "Tante Frida", which has its headquarters in Bariloche and branches in Villa. La Angostura, Neuquén and Buenos Aires.
Campings in Bariloche Recommendations for camping in the mountains of Bariloche according to the municipal tourism management.
A visit to Leones Hill Leones Hill is near Bariloche and it is a beautiful trip for the whole family. Visit its cave and underground lake.
A visit to Viejo Hill in Bariloche Viejo Hill is a beautiful trip for the whole family near Bariloche. Very near the Civic Center and a fun slide.
Agrotourism in Bariloche In recent years several farms began to produce organic foods. This can be enjoyed by visiting them.
Chocolate Festival in Bariloche In July Bariloche holds it Chocolate Festival to highlight the famous treat.
Del Turista Chocolates from Bariloche The first chocolate factory in Bariloche was Del Turista. Today it is a large company that distributes nearly 90% of its production outside the city.
Mountain Bike: Chacay stream Chacay stream is one of the routes proposed by the Veteranos Biónicos on the outskirts of Bariloche.
Mountain bike in arroyo Las Bayas Las Bayas stream on the outskirts of Bariloche is one of the alternatives for Mountain Bike, proposed by the Veteranos Biónicos, experts in the subject.
Mountain bike in Bosque de Arrayanes One option to see the Bosque de Arrayanes is on a bicycle. The Vetereanos Biónicos recount their experience.
Mountain Bike: rules of the road Some tips for biking in the area of ​​Bariloche and its surroundings.
Trekking, a mountain adventure Trekking is one of the best activities for learning about nature, especially in Bariloche, a paradise full of magical places and unforgettable postcards.
Piedras Blancas Ski Resort Piedras Blancas Ski Resort is a new place to enjoy the snow in Bariloche. Ideal for a first experience with the snow on the Cerro Otto.
European-Argentinean Communities Festival The European-Argentinean Communities Festival takes place each year in Dina Huapi, 15 kilometers from Bariloche.
Nahuel Huapi National Park Nahuel Huapi National Park covers 705,000 hectares in the southwest of Neuquén province and northwest of Río Negro province. It was created in 1934 with the aim of preserving a representative area of ​​the northern Andean region of Patagonia.

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