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A few kilometers from the beaches of Las Grutas there is a special place to live a mysterious adventure. Its landscape, its history and its mystique are able to catch the tourists who visit the Patagonia.

El Fort Argentino is a natural site with an incredible beauty that is part of San Matías Gulf. Here you can do an excursion with unique features that combines adventure, mystery and fun about the landscape.

fuerte argentino, las grutasAerial view of Fort Argentino. Photo courtesy of the photo album

The journey travels the 42 kilometers that separate Las Grutas from the Fort and to get there you should go the way of the pulperos, where you cross salt flats, dunes and chopped. During the experience, stunning landscapes are known for their beauty as Piedras Coloradas, El Sótano and the Cañadón de las Ostras.

The splendid natural scenery of Fort Argentino allowed to develop multi-sports activities for people who come to the place as snorkeling, fishing, crossbow, boomerang and sandboarding.

Patagonian places like the Fort dazzle visitors because they have a deep contact with village life, such as ponds and pools of warm water, the abundant wildlife or the variety of thorny shrubs that characterize the vegetation and provide shelter to reptiles and birds. Furthermore, tourists can watch the full activity of pulperos that fish in the natural park, and after the walk up the side of the fort to its top, you can contemplate a broad view of the Gulf Coast.

History and mystery

The Fort Argentino represents the image of a large balcony overlooking the San Matias Gulf. The locals tell stories of their ancestors passed on this plateau, which was formerly a Spanish fort with cannons pointing out to sea. But it was also inhabited by Indians, soldiers, scientists, travelers and frequented by pirates.

In the 50's there were done war exercises in the Gulf, while at the top of the fort, due to its location and strategic height, was installed a operating center from which they could control entry and exit of ships in the Gulf.

Beyond the stories and mysteries that can be discovered in this landscape of great beauty, for all visitors to Fort Argentino who got to climb the 100 meters that are far from the top of the fence, it is very easy to imagine tells and stories of Indians, pirates and knights.

Between myths and legends

The Fort Argentino is an ideal place to create an intriguing adventure, surrounded by mystique and history. The peculiarity of the natural landscape allow to imagine great myths of the place. The outcrops of limestone stained the top of this natural plateau and the presence of fossils and molluscs synthesize the intense geological past of the coast.

According to studies of the Esoteric Research Group "Delphos", the Holy Grail would had come to this area of ​​Patagonia to be protected in a secret place. The livelihoods of claims date back to the history and is held in old medieval charts, where they found numerous similarities with the geography of Patagonia.

In their stories, they say that the cup, after the crucifixion of Christ, was taken by the Apostle Philip, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea to the south of France. Later, the relics were taken to a village west of the British Islands.

"Delphos" ensures that several centuries later the "Knight Parsifal", a direct descendant of Joseph of Arimathea, after a fight at sea and after sailing aimlessly for days, mysteriously came to an unknown shore, where he achieved a kind of strong fort or castle . At dawn, the ship's crew found themselves in the midst of a completely dry site because the tide had retired by surprise (as it happens on the shores of the fort).

Received by the locals, Parsifal heard the order to return to their homeland in search of the cup to place it in this mysterious fort. Several years later, and carring out the order he obeied the orden and brought the relic to the Patagonian coast.

After knowing the Fort Argentine tourists who know the legend believe that sometime in history the Holy Grail was in this corner of Patagonia.

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