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The resort Las Grutas not only has warm waters to offer, but also for those tourists who want to stop for a moment the sun afternoon they have various options a few kilometers away. 

las grutasImage of a typical evening in Las Grutas.

An ideal place for those tourists who enjoy the closeness and contact with nature is Piedras Coloradas, which is characterized by the tranquility and privacy that you can enjoy there. The beauty of the place is seen in the rock formations of the Precambrian period, i.e. those that were made over five hundred million years. These rock formations, have feldspar in its composition, are reddish and from there derives the name of the place.

El Sótano and the Cañadón de Las Ostras

El Sótano is an ideal place for those looking for where to fish from shore with ease and in full contact with nature, as the steep cliffs propitiate the various places to fish and collect octopus.

There are also found marine fossil deposits from the Superior Cretaceous period dating 10 to 15 million years. This is found in the Cañadón de las Ostras, just 2 km from distance where you can walk and collect snails and clams on the beach and watch the marine life that inhabits the sandbar when the tide lows and forms small lakes.

Caleta Falsa and harbor beaches

You can enjoy quiet beaches and very warm waters. There is the possibility of fishing from the shore and is also ideal for lovers of diving in apnea.

Fort Argentino

It is characterized by the ability to enjoy the adventure and the photographic safaris. You can also ascend to the plateau and from there have a panoramic view of the place. 

La Rinconada

rinconada, las grutasLa Rinconada is chosen by many fishermen.

Very close to Las Grutas, just a kilometer away, it is a place where you can fish for silverside, sea bream and sea bass from the cliff.

San Antonio Oeste

The old railway houses with huge collection sheds and port tradition characterize and give special to this city. All those tourists who want to visit and enjoy these building constructions made by the first immigrants arrived and which led origin to the city, can not miss San Antonio Oeste.

La Mar Grande

This is a wide and wild beach. Along with the arc of beach that connects to Punta Delgado to Las Grutas, is one of the main sites of concentration of shorebirds in their annual migratory route.

Villarino beach

Located a few kilometers from the port of San Antonio Este, it is characterized by being extensive and of white sand. There is the possibility of camping for those who want to enjoy peace and privacy. There can be done fishing from shore and shellfish gathering.

Punta Verde and "El Arbolito de Salas"

This is a meeting point of landing sites for fishermen. Dozens of fishing boats from the wild beaches of the estuary of San Antonio daily sail and arrive on these shores.  

San Antonio's Promenade ("la marea" and fishing pier) 

las grutasThe beach of Las Grutas has inns with ocean views.

For those looking to make sports such as windsurfing, boating, water skiing, diving apnea among other water sports, this area offers calm waters suitable for such practices. The resort also has basic infrastructure and services of lifeguards.

Historic Tour

It provides the ability to take a tour of the historic center, where you will pass through the Cultural Historical Museum.

San Antonio Este Port

70 km from Las Grutas lies the Port of San Antonio Este, an international port surrounded by extensive tranquil beaches where sand with clams and snails can be found. It is characterized by its coast of snails that spread over a base of dunes and white sands it offers the possibility to explore every corner without exhausting the admiration of all who visit. It is an overseas port, known as an international port terminal, where you can fish from the coast, hike or walk.

Coast Path

It ranges from the Baliza San Matias to Nature Reserve "La Lobería." The natural attractions and the ability to connect with nature characterized this way. You can fish from the coast throughout the year. There is also the possibility of guided tours of diving from San Antonio Oeste.

Alojamiento en Las Grutas

FotoDepartamento Las Piedritas Monoambiente Vista Las Piedritas Monoambiente Vista se encuentra frente a la playa de Las Grutas. Se encuentra a 400 metros de la playa Piedrasver másTel: Las Grutas

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