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The Provincial Museum Mario Brozoski was created in 1983 to preserve cultural heritage in Santa Cruz.

The museum has pieces of a sunken British Ship. Photo courtesy of Tourism Office of Puerto Deseado.

In 1770 the English War Corvette HMS Swift reached the river. Due to bad weather the vessel ran aground twice, and finally sank in 50 meters of the coast.
Years later, in 1982, its remains were discovered by a group of young people at the scene investigating. In homage to one of them decided to put this name to the museum.

To the collection obtained from the discovery of the Corvette is added the collection of Father Molina containing lithic objects of hunter societies of Tehuelches. This stone artifact belonging to the societies that lived in Patagonia 12,000 years ago. The museum now has more than 400 pieces.

A la colección obtenida del descubrimiento de la corbeta se suma la colección del Padre Molina que contiene material lítico de sociedades de cazadores – recolectores Tehuelches. Se trata de artefacto de piedra pertenecientes a las sociedades que vivieron en la Patagonia hace 12.000 años. El museo cuenta hoy con más de 400 piezas.

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