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Things to do in Puerto Deseado

La ría Deseado, sobre cuya entrada se levanta Puerto Deseado, es un maravilloso lugar para conocer y disfrutar. La ría es un río que abandonó su cauce, y éste fue ocupado por el mar.

Puerto Deseado, al ser una ciudad de la costa del océano cuenta con diferentes lugares donde se puede apreciar de la fauna marina, aves, pingüinos y lobos marinos.

Otros lugares de interés son la gruta de Lourdes, la Corbeta Swif  (los restos de un barco que naufragó hace más de dos siglos), el Bosque Petrificado de Jaramillo, la isla de los pájaros y los cañadones que rodean la localidad.


Mario Brozoski Municipal Museum The Provincial Museum Mario Brozoski was created in 1983 to preserve cultural heritage in Santa Cruz.
Puerto Deseado: port, cliffs and sea animals Puerto Deseado is a wonderful city of cliffs and a port surrounded by a steppe broken by small hills north of the city. It is on the northeastern coast of Santa Cruz in Patagonia, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Deseado river runs through it and ends in an ria in the sea, called Gulf San Jorge.
The Jaramillo Petrified Forest The Jaramillo Petrified Forest is located in northern Santa Cruz in Patagonia, 256 kilometers from Puerto Deseado. The site is impressive and it is considered one of the most important fossil sites in the country.
The strikes of 1921, a testimony Strikes in area of Puerto Deseado between 1917 and 1921 were part of a much broader movement that affected the workers of the whole of the province of Santa Cruz in Patagonia.
Ria Deseado Nature Reserve The Ria Deseado nature reserve, on whose entrance stands Puerto Deseado in the Patagonia, is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. The ria is a river that left its channel, and it was occupied by the sea.
The Grotto of Lourdes in Puerto Deseado The pilgrimage to the Virgin of Lourdes is the most important annual event in Puerto Deseado in Patagonia. The Grotto of Lourdes is located 14 km from the town. It is a majestic sanctuary located in the canyon "De las Bandurrias".
Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco is an Nature Reserve that is close to Puerto Deseado in Patagonia. There you can visit a colony of fur seals and a lighthouse.
Places to visit in Puerto Deseado The Municipal Department of Tourism of Puerto Deseado offers several alternatives to surprise the visitor.
De los Pájaros Island Puerto Deseado is definitely a paradise for those who like to see marine wildlife.
Rockhopper penguins in Puerto Deseado There is a colony of Rockhopper penguins near Puerto Deseado. That species is found only in the southern hemisphere. Because of its accessibility and proximity, Puerto Deseado is perhaps the best place to see them.
The Historic Wagon of Puerto Deseado The historic wagon of Puerto Deseado is located at the corner of San Martin and Admiral Brown and is visited by most tourists passing through town.
Puerto Deseado: Shark Fishing Competition Since 1970 Puerto Deseado holds the Shark Fishing Competition in the Ria Deseado, organized by the Fishing Club "Piedra Toba" and the local town hall.
Activities in the Ría Puerto Deseado Athletes from around the country visit Puerto Deseado to participate in the two disciplines: the Cross to the Ria and the Descent of the Ria Deseado. They are held between late January and early February every year.
Trekking in Puerto Deseado Several hiking options are available to discover nature and the history of Patagonia near Puerto Deseado.
A visit to the Van Noort Hill in Puerto Deseado Van Noort Hill is a four-hour expedition in a place of incomparable beauty along with incredible stories about the expedition that made it famous.
The port: engine of development of the city The port was the driving force of the development of Puerto Deseado and today remains the main economic activity.
Laura Bay Nature Reserve Laura Bay Nature Reserve is located 150 kilometers south of Puerto Deseado. It covers the area between the lighthouse Camapana and Cape Guardian.

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