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If you are a person eager to know the nature and history of the place or just like to enjoy a quiet stroll through the sights, different options of trekking offered by the town of Puerto Deseado will be among the first activities of your list to do when you get to the town.

Walk by the Deseado's times

This hike combines the different times of Puerto Deseado, historical, architectural, economic, recreational and scenic in one ride. This will make a synthetic vision of the main landmarks of the city. Including the former Railway Station, the Municipal Camping, Fishing Area, the typical architecture, the Historic Wagon, the spring of Ramón, the Church and the School San José, the Spanish Film Theatre, the historic center, the House of the Culture, the Municipal and Public Library Florentino Ameghino, the Carsa Building, museums Mario Brozoski and Padre Beauvoir. For more information on these locations go to our note on tours. 

Travel time:3 hours.
Degree of difficulty: medium.

museo puerto deseadoLa Cueva Museum in the former railway station. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism of Puerto Deseado.


Seven Caves Circuit

At the northern edge of the mouth of the ria Deseado is the Rock Leones, 2 km from the city. During the journey you can visit the Cueva del Indio and in front of the sea you can run through the Cueva de los Leones and Punta Cavendish, an excellent vantage point where you can observe the entrance of the Ria Deseado. Finally, towards the south, visit Penguin Island, the place chosen by the Rockhopper penguins to nest.

Travel time: 2 hours.
Degree of difficulty: medium.
Remarks: check the tides before you hike.

Trekking to the canyon of Paraguayo

This option begins at the camping on the canyon Giménez, then passes in front of the penguin colony on the island Quiroga and island Quinta and after 3.5 km you cross the canyon of Paraguayo.

Duration: 3 hours
Degree of difficulty: medium

Trekking to the canyon Torcido

It should be done the same route to the canyon of the Paraguayo and from there you continue the journey to reach the spectacular canyon Torcido. In this place you can rest awhile and take beautiful photos and then follow the road to the canyon of the Indio, where there is a colony of gray cormorants.

Duration: 4 hours
Degree of difficulty: medium
Comments: For any of the options is recommended clothing appropriate to the activity.

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