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At the heart of three parks and seven lakes, Villa La Angostura proudly displays its nature, charm and magic that traps tourists during all year and spring-summer is the ideal time for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking , horseback riding or go across the rivers and lakes by kayak, canoe, sailing or underwater diving.

pescaFishing in lakes and rivers. Photo courtesy of Bedeschi.

Within the Nahuel Huapi National Park gateway to Los Arrayanes National Park, surrounded by protected areas and framed by some of the world's most coveted lakes and rivers, is this small mountain village, considered the natural patagonian spa because of its beauty and fine architecture.

The tourism office of Villa la Angostura proposes the following alternatives for tourists to enjoy its landscapes throughout the year.

The nature adventure: trekking and hiking

Going for a walk through smooth paths in the forest intense in the mountain is the true classic inevitable in Villa La Angostura. In this activity, the senses are flooded and the contact with nature reaches its maximum expression.

The wilderness of this place becomes one of the pleasures to experience frequent and intense where according to the time of year exhibits his distinctive, intense colors. Pure oxygen and forest aroma awake the senses to the point that the view is no longer the only possible connection to ground.

One of the most important tours is the Forest of the Myrtles. A must for those looking to make a trail full of feelings, whether walking, biking, rappelling, climbing or fourtrax.

The fascinating ritual of fishing

cabalgatasHourseback riding with an unique landscape. Photo courtesy of Carolina Bitton

The variety of special environments for fishing puts Villa La Angostura in a unique position for this activity in the region. The large number of rivers and lakes, large and small, with its shores, its pools, its edges and its rapids offer all kinds of scenarios enjoying sunrises and sunsets that gives an extraordinary complement to the ritual of fishing.

Fly fishing, spinning, trolling and floated are options for insured enjoyment.

Adventure in perspective: horseback rides

Lookouts, waterfalls, beaches, forests and mountain trails gain a new perspective on a truly Patagonian horseback ride. The land, views and nature all make this activity one of the most recommended throughout the year. The local guides and horses complete an experience that has become a classic for lovers of adventure in nature.

Adrenaline in the forest: canopy

canopyCanopy y adrenaline. Photo courtesy of La Piedra

Flying through the trees is possible in Villa La Angostura. A system of steel cables between platforms built under the treetops in the forest lets slip through an unusual height.

This is called Canopy, an activity of pure adrenaline in a version which, thanks to the extreme safety conditions and experienced guides, put it between adventures to visit in Villa la Angostura.

Discovering the vastness: kayak and sit on top 

The number of lakes and rivers around Villa La Angostura within Nahuel Huapi National Park, the largest in Argentina, inevitably tempts and invites you to enjoy water activities, where canoeing is a very particular alternative.

The crossings in double or single-person kayaks at all times of the year are undoubtedly the experience that contact with nature is strengthened. The small bays are available and there are a lot of possible pathways. The guides make this experience a safe way to slip into the coveted waters of Patagonia.

kayakKayaking through river waters in the area. Photo courtesy of Antu Patagonia

Experiencing the mystery of diving

Diving in Villa la Angostura is truly amazing. Completely able to breathe comfortably under water, move in three dimensions in a mysterious world inhabited by very different animals from which you can see in any other context and see the submerged forest and mountain, is an experience not transferable. An activity where discovering becomes a continuous appreciation. 

Steps in the mountain: climbing and rappelling

buceoWho could imagine diving in the andean mountain range.Quien hubiera imaginado buceo en la cordillera. Foto gentileza ASAPVLA

The mountainous landscape and its colossal walls are mandatory challenger for lovers of rappelling and climbing. There are cracks and steps on the rocky slopes for the more adventurous ones that can quench their thirst for adrenaline. Climbing in Villa la Angostura has the excitement inherent in this activity. Once completed the objective contemplation is imposed on postcards that will surely not will be repeated from any other perspective and elsewhere.

Contemplation and comfort: Sailing

Sailing in the majestic Nahuel Huapi t can be a total challenge or an easy experience but certainly is one of the delights to which it is impossible to quit in Villa la Angostura.

The clear waters, stars in this National Park, offer the opportunity to tour the most picturesque bays and peninsulas in the region. Driven by wind sailing summarized the magic and charm of this experience, which is adorned by the captain with his tales and gives a mystical charge different from any other aquatic experience.

bote-de-velaSailing is another way to enjoy patagonian lakes. Photo courtesy of Velero Ana

Sailing and enjoy: canoeing

Canoeing let you share with family and friends, completing with the enjoyment of the surrounding natural environment. This activity can manage time and speed in complete silence on the water and you can land on a deserted beach or island to complete the adventure. Similarly, canoeing often becomes the perfect partner for fishing.


Exclusive circuits for this activity allow tours through the forest in these particular vehicles. The four wheels allow drive through the most varied uneven terrain, enjoying a thrill after another, and maintaining stability. These trips are ideal for the whole family because the security allow both the smallest and the most daring enjoy driving their own car.

Surfing in the earth: mountainboard

mountain-boardSurfing the mountain. Mountainboard in Cerro Bayo. Photo courtesy of secretaría de turismo

Surfing is the way in which fans define this activity. An advanced version of the snowboard, but all-rounder. With manual brake and special covers, a table is the surface on which you can slip the most difficult slopes, together with clothing and special equipment. Mountainboard in Cerro Bayo  is an alternative adventure exclusively practiced in a few places in the world.

The quest to balance: hunting and conservation

In the impressive Nahuel Huapi National Park there are 10 areas where you can do sport hunting. Its greatest exponent, the "red deer" is the reason why this activity is part of the adventure opportunities in our region. This deer, exotic and with no predators, it becomes a major destabilizing in the Andean Patagonian ecosystem.

The trophies year after year make these hunting areas in the most coveted in the region, and that, combined with the quality of services of Villa La Angostura, allows hunters enjoy their stay.

Emotional roads and trails: mountain bike

mountain-bikeMountainbike in Villa la Angsotura. Photo courtesy of secretaría de turismo

Enjoy the rugged mountain roads in the region of the three national parks and the Seven Lakes on two wheels is one of the options chosen by visitors. The key is to combine sport, adrenaline and circuits with different levels of demand in a setting of unsurpassed scenery and views.

Villa La Angostura has become the most important site of mountain bike competitions in Argentina, taking the best of the slopes that offers the varied terrain of mountains.

Remote trails allows the boldest venture to discover the immense beauty that hides the forest, crossed by streams and flooded with purest air.

Villa La Angostura is the magnificent scenery of Patagonia for sporting events and adventure. Important sporting events are held here, which by their level of demand are among the most recognized by lovers of the "adventure racing."

Different mountain foot races, regattas, competitions of old cars, mountain biking, enduro and motocross and other national and international sporting events are the perfect excuse for athletes and families to enjoy this paradise.

Alojamiento en Villa La Angostura

FotoCasa Casa de Montaña con vistas al lago y a los cerros El establecimiento se encuentra en Villa La Angostura a 25 km de Isla Victoria. La Casa de Montaña conver másTel: Villa La Angostura

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