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Summer is not only synonymous with beach. There is nothing nicer than enjoying a sunny day in the mountains, and who does not know this feeling of mountain evenings,  mornings on the banks of lakes and nights by the fire, we invite you to discover it in beautiful scenery offered by the city of Esquel and its surroundings.

Down rivers is a quiet peaceful experience. In this consist the Floatings, which provide insight into the flora and fauna around the rivers and in them. Birds of all kinds can be observed very closely while the ship makes its way slowly.

Within the Los Alerces National ParkRivadavia river is one of those chosen for this activity. It take the waters of Lake Rivadavia to pour it into Lake Green. During this journey, the native forest keeps along its banks.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Esquel

The rides are also an option to explore the native forest, or the shores of lakes or rivers. Tours are conducted for the whole family on journeys of about four hours.

In the middle Chubut River valley is located the Natural Protected Area Piedra Parada. Its name is due to a massive volcanic rock of 210 m above sea level in the middle of the steppe. The place was the furnace of an ancient volcano whose chimney was solidified, giving rise to unique geological formations from which it is possible to realize a low difficulty trekking.

If enumerating the places that you can make trips in question, it is important to mention the Senda de Los Rifleros, a journey in which you can follow the path used by the Welsh Riflemen who came to Patagonia. This recreational ride combines history, adventure and nature from a mountain landscape to steppe with large canyons and birds among which we can see the majestic Condor.

Ice Tunnels

Túneles de hielo, EsquelCrossing the ice tunnels.

To be experienced in all its glory. In search of adventure, you start from the city of Esquel toward the La Torta Hill, after touring the Los Alerces National Park.

Between traces of old trucks hauling firewood from the forest you ascend for lengas forest, gouache, fording mountain streams and the view from the height of the National Park and Lagoon Larga. After an hour's climb you reach the highest point where it is the forest, leaving the vehicles and starting the trek along the stream Irigoyen, an amazing landscape. This wonderful place conveys an incredible sense of peace. After twenty minutes there is a spectacular waterfall and beneath it the long-awaited and amazing ice tunnels.

The region offers a special environment for bird watching, from the majestic condor to the restless and small Andean hummingbird. In the area there are over 150 species throughout the year. This is an unforgettable experience where you can observe birds in their natural habitat and know its characteristics that can be captured through photographies.

Lake Baggilt

Lago Baguilt, EsquelView of Lake Baggilt, from here you can see the Cónico hill.

Located 55 kilometers from Esquel, this is a special Active Tourism Area for adventure activities. Located on the banks of the homonymous lake, it has very particular landscape features.

Among the existing fauna are the huemul and rainbow and brook trouts. There is also a glacier permafrost, which is accessed through a trek through landscapes of rugged beauty. There is no infrastructure development in the area.

This beautiful mountain lake, recently declared Tourist Natural Reserve, is located at the foot of Cónico Hill, the natural boundary between Argentina and Chile, from whose glacier recede the waters that feed it. Given the area's natural wealth and extreme fragility, recreational and scientific activities that carried out in its territory must be accompanied by a specialized guide who will ensure the safety of visitors and the integrity of natural heritage.

Canopy Tour in the Pueblo Alto Mountain Resort

Sport that allow to move from platforms in the trees in the middle of a wooded area near the Los Alerces National Park. They are currently operating in the first three stations, the first 100 meters in length, the second 75 meters and the third 350 meters. To this is added a trek through the canyon of the stream Fontana with a total duration of about two hours, depending on the number of people.

Lagoon La Zeta

By a vehicular road with excellent views across the valley, and only 5 km from the city, you reach a calm lagoon, ideal for walking the trails or get a relaxing break.


 Rafting en Esquel Rafting in Corcovado River.

Corcovado River is the ideal place to carry out this activity, because its type of difficulty it can be enjoyed without the need for previous experience. For those who want to do it in winter, activity has guides and the proper equipment to do the whole trip enjoyable.

Canyon of Borquez

A trail through the area of ​​community forests. It is of medium difficulty and the estimated time for your journey is less than two hours. This self-guided trail offers the possibility og doing it accompanied by local guides.

Agritourism in El Sosiego de los Andes

Only 6 km from Esquel, this organic farm offers guided walking tours by the various crops where you can see the process of production and irrigation, and taste the products that the family makes.

Bike path - Path of Health

A road of 6 km parallel to National Route 259 on its output to the city of Trevelin. There you can ride a bike, jog, walk and stop at stations to do physical exercise.

Futaleufú Hidroelectric Complex

Built in the 70's, you can visit this piece of engineering and learn its features through a vehicular circuit crossing it and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Others attractions

La Trochita, EsquelThe Old Patagonian Express.

Walking through the streets of Esquel and its surroundings it is very pleasant to surprise with interesting sundials that have different themes and evoke different cultures. From the town of Esquel through agencies or by different routes you can reach the villages that make up this comarca, such as: Cholila, Leleque, Epuyén, El Hoyo, El Bolsón and Lago Puelo National Park

No one should go from Esquel without a ride on the Old Patagonian Express, well known as "The Trochita" which takes a journey of 18 km through the typical landscape of the area with an estimated time of two hours. You exit the Esquel station and reach to Nahuel Pan, where the Mapuche-Tehuelche comunity live. The train stops its walk and, while doing maneuvers for the back of passengers, you can visit the Craft's home and the Museum of Native Cultures which is attended by residents of the community. 

Source and Photo: Secretaría de Turismo - Municipality of Esquel - (02945) 451927 / 453145

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