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Lago Puelo is emerging as another option when choosing a winter destination. Population growth and the provision of services that leads have become a very good service and many activities to offer tourists. 

lago pueloLake Puelo at the foot of the snowy peaks.

The town is located just 128 kilometers from Bariloche, 160 km from Esquel and 30 km from the ski resort Cerro Perito Moreno.

In winter in Lago Puelo you can perform various activities such as:

  • Agrotourism with visits to household production farms; 
  • Trekking in all its forms, from self-guided trails for the whole family to long paths through the surrounding hills that lead to shelters or unspoiled landscapes, where the experienced walker can marvel at the views that are offered from vantage points jealously hoarded by the same nature; 
  • a new activity such as the Snowshoe, which consists of guided walks across the snowy landscapes of winter in the colder months equipped with modern snowshoes;
  • or sailing on picturesque lake boats on Lake Puelo, where you can opt for a simple coastal walk to a trip to the border with the neighboring country of Chile's of longest-running.

The rides, walks and craft fairs, the tranquility of the environment, nature at its best, are just some of the attractions that has and offers Lago Puelo. You can also enjoy a stay in comfortable and cozy cabins, lodges and inns, tea houses and cuisine with modern facilities, Wi-Fi service, menu variety and the chance to experience the wild flavor of exotic meats such as deer, trout or wild boar, or try the excellent wines grown in wineries distant just 15 km.

But without doubt, the main attraction in winter is only 30 km, where it is the winter sports center Cerro Perito Moreno, in the town of El Bolson. The same provides a family atmosphere with simple facilities for those who start in the sport of skiing and snowboarding, for those who already dominate the boards and want to learn and experience new places. It has medium and high difficulty slopes, and the possibility of off-piste skiing in the beech forest. 

lago puelo inviernoThe snowshoeing is a way of exploring the nooks that are not accessible because of snow and ice.

Likewise, the strategic location of Lago Puelo between the two main ski centers, La Hoya and Cerro Catedral, offer the visitor the possibility of approaching in less than 2 hours to the towns of Esquel and Bariloche, respectively, to enjoy the commercial facilities and other activities offered by these ski resorts, and then return to the tranquility of its lodging in Lago Puelo.

Winter activities 

Walks: Every weekend during the fall and winter hiking trails will be made at different points of scenic interest along the hills that surround Lago Puelo. 

Diving: Lake Puelo has fully crystalline waters being the warmest lake in Patagonia. Diving is offered by the hand of the instructor. In the lake are seen trouts, perchs, salmons, underwater plants, mussels, etc, discovering a magical world that lies deep in the lake. Baptisms dive in price from $ 70 onwards. Service is maintained throughout the year, with tariffs accessible and very good service, both for those who perform baptisms diving to divers of all certification. There are two cabins and boats equipped for diving excursions, with capacity for 12 people and full of diving equipment. Trips are made to all parts of the lake for diving and snorkeling. Both vessels are enabled and equipped for those exits.

Snowshoeing in the snow: The snowshoes are used to move the snow more easily and quickly on snow or frozen ground, they are used especially in hiking, mountaineering or climbing in winter. As today are used for hikers, mountain lovers and riders in the past were essential tools for anyone who needs to move through areas where snow fell in a continuous and severe way. There are departures every day from the base of Cerro Perito Moreno with different options:

lago pueloA stop on the way to rest and make a cave with snow.

-Walks for the whole family: these are trips that are accessible to wonderful places, ancient forests, fresh snow, seeing the flora and fauna that with only snowshoes can be reached.

-Longer walks to the top of the mountain through the beautiful forest, and reaching the unparalleled plateau that places us on the summit of Perito Moreno Hill. From there we can see the different valleys surrounding the mountain, a unique view that gives us this hill.

-Night walks to the wonderful landscape of Perito Moreno hill at night. Spanning forests and the snowy slopes lighted by the moon and the headlamps. Experiencing the deep silence characteristic sound of the mountain at night, you can spot the nocturnal habits of animals.

Traditional tours: The lake excursions, walks in the National Park and Millan Lemu Theme Park, like hiking in our mountains are held throughout the year.

Source and photos: Secretary of Tourism of Lago Puelo. More information on the official site of the secretary

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