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The Andean Comarca of Parallel 42 is composed of six locations: five on the Chubut side and one on Río Negro side (El Bolsón). It is precisely this parallel that divides the two provinces, although the landscape and culture do not recognize those borders.

Lago Puelo, far from being overshadowed by El Bolsón, is presented as a comprehensive and interesting destination as it has the same hotel capacity that the city of Río Negro and ultimately is being projected as the "Pearl of the Comarca".

The cleanliness of its streets, the delicacy of its beds and the imposing entrance of poplars that just makes the fact of arriving at the mountain resort makes you feel in paradise. It is not necessary to go far to find the beauty that characterizes this beautiful town:

Lago Puelo National Park

PN Lago PueloEntrance to Lago Puelo National Park.

It is one of the national parks of the province of Chubut. A lake of azure waters, forests and grove forest just a few kilometers from the village are the remains of the Valdivian forest, unique to this side of the mountain range.

The Park is a must visit for tourists who will find that this lake and its environment of pitras, myrtle, streams, forests and mountains is very special and ideal for a holiday near the village and nature.

Currumahuida Hill's slope

It is the hill which shelters the town. In the slope is a very peculiar vegetation between wonderful forests that you can appreciate just walk a few blocks down the village. You can also climb other paths by performing the Stations of the via crucis of De la Virgen Hill.

Lago PueloThe entrance to Lago Puelo.

Mountain rivers

If you dare, you can discover the wonderful scenery on the banks of rivers Azul and Quemquemtreu, those which join at the junction at the entrance of Lago Puelo.

On your way you can enjoy the beaches and camping areas. There are also excellent places for the more adventurous who wish to become one with the landscape: the mountain shelters.

The Forest Festival

Each village in the Comarca has a party of its own. Lago Puelo celebrates The Forest and it do so with local and national top level musicians. Between January and February this festivals are done county by the presence of all the people together with a large number of tourists who used not only to know the benefits of these landscapes, but also the quality and warmth of the musicians, artists and artisans.

How do you get?

Centro de Lago PueloLago Puelo city.

To this Andean town you can reach by paved roads. From Bariloche take the National Route 40, ex 258, to El Bolsón and then performed a 17-km long south by Provintial Route 16. But if you come from Esquel by the same Route 40, after passing through Cholila, Epuyén and El Hoyo, you arrive at Las Golondrinas, and turning west on a paved road is just take you a few minutes to the "Pearl of the Comarca".

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