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Things to do in San Mart?n de los Andes

Durante el invierno en San Martín de los Andes el mayor atractivo es el cerro Chapelco. Con 31 pistas de distinta dificultad este centro de esquí es elegido por turistas de todo el mundo.

En verano se puede disfrutar de las playas. San Martín se encuentra a orillas del lago Lacar que cuenta con playas paradisíacas siendo la más elegida, por turistas y residentes, Quila Quina, a la que se puede llegar en auto o en catamarán. Esta época es ideal para realizar actividades acuáticas como kayakismo, bicicletas de agua, rafting, windsurf, kitesurf y remo.

Otras de las actividades favoritas para realizar en San Martín son la pesca deportiva y el moutain bike y trekking sobre senderos de montaña.

En primavera y en otoño se puede disfrutar de un paisaje único por los colores que cambian en las montañas que rodean a la localidad.


Chapelco Ski Center Skiing with a panoramic view of the Lanin volcano, the Andes and Lake Lácar is only possible at Chapelco in San Martin de los Andes.
Yuco - Hua Hum International crossing From San Martín de los Andes you can visit Yuco and go on to the Hua Hum International crossing.
Mountain bike in San Martín For mountain bike lovers San Martin de los Andes offers several tours through patagonian forests and mountains.
Lake Queñi: a mirror for poets While in San Martin de los Andes you can visit Lake Queñi, a lake of crystalline waters in a protected area of the Lanin National Park.
Villa Quila Quina The best beach on the shores of Lake Lacar is in Villa Quiila Quina a few kilometers from San Martin de los Andes.
Fishing in San Martín, an unforgettable experience Lakes Lolog, Huechulafquen and the Chimehuin river are the most famous places for sport fishing in the catchment area of San Martin de los Andes.
Bandurrias and La Islita lookout points The lookout point at Bandurrias and La Islita are ideal places for a day trip from San Martin de los Andes.
Arrayán Circuit From San Martin de los Andes you can make two short circuits called Arrayán Largo or Arrayán Corto. From the lookouts you can get a view of the entire city.
Lakes Huechulafquen and Paimún and the Lanín Volcano From San Martin de los Andes, you can visit lakes Paimúm and Huechulafquen where you can have a nice walk to enjoy a family day.
Fish farming, the fish trap A Fish Capture and Breeding Station was built in San Martin de los Andes for the various salmon species to allow the development of sport fishing.
Chapelco Tetrathlon Every winter the Chapelco Tetrathlon is held in San Martin de los Andes with a distance of 85 km that includes skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and trekking.
Summer between beaches and mountains in San Martín de los Andes, a paradise far south From San Martin de los Andes you can visit different beaches on the shores of Lake Lácar. Among the best known are: Costanera, Catritre, Quila Quina and Yuco.
Water activities in the lakes of San Martín de los Andes In San Martin de los Andes you can find lakes and rivers for water sports such as kayaking, water biking, rafting adrenalin activity, windsurfing, kite surfing and rowing.
Lake Lácar's new waterfront In April 2009, San Martin de los Andes inaugurated the new waterfront, a major attraction for tourists coming from all over the world.
Winter season in San Martín de los Andes Chapelco, the winter sports center of San Martin de los Andes has 140 hectares with 24 ski slopes and 12 lifts.
Lahuen Co: a thermal spa near the Lanin volcano The Mountain Thermal Spa Lahuen Co is supplied by the hot springs of Epulafquen and is very close to San Martin de los Andes. It is the ideal place to combine relax and health at the foot of the mountain.
Bird watchers meet in Patagonia Each yearthe annual gathering of bird watchers and nature lovers takes place in San Martin de los Andes. It includesa fair, workshops, photographs, art galleries and conferences.
Doble Lahuen Có Challenge "Doble Lahuen Có" is a competition the takes place every year in San Martin de los Andes. A mountain bike competition that runs 150 kilometers from the city to the Thermal Spa Lahuen Co.
Nearby fishing locations Places near San Martin de los Andes where you can go fishing are: Lake Lolog Caleufú Quilquihue and Hermoso rivers Lakes Hua-Hum Huechulafquen and Paimún.
Spring and trekking in Lanin National Park There are different trekking circuits within Lanin National Park of varied difficulty.
Snowshoeing The snowshoe walks are the easiest sport to learn and for their low impact can be made ​​by people of all ages. In Chapelco you can do this activity to enjoy nature is the purest form.
Mountain Bike: tips to keep in mind When embarking on a mountain bike challenge one must take into account whether it is safe to make long journeys.
Chapelco's Snowboard Park The level of the Chapelco's Ski and Snowboard School was demonstrated throughout his 20 years of activity. The nearly 100 professionals working in the institution offer individual or group lessons of nordic or alpine skiing and snowboarding.
Other things to do in Chapelco Besides skiing and snowboarding, Chapelco offers several places and activities to enjoy a real day in the snow.
Chapelco's Snowboard Team Marcos Robles, 21, a native of San Martin de los Andes, is currently the coach of the Snowboard Team Chapelco with Fernando Soria. The experts of this variant of skiing boomed in recent years represent the Winter Center Chapelco in national and international competitions.
Terrain Park Perimeter The Terrain Park Perimeter is the place for lovers of mountain adventure. In it were built various jumps and rails for different levels.
The Che Guevara museum at La Pastera On 20 June 2008 opens in San Martin de los Andes "La Pastera, museo del Che." In tribute to Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, the Association of State Workers (ATE) is carrying out this project with the aim of contributing to the reconstruction of historical and popular memory."
Lanín National Park Lanin National Park is located in southwest region of Neuquén province, covers an area of ​​412,000 hectares and its geography has 24 glacial lakes. It is home to the Lanin volcano, hence its name.
Sailing lake Lácar In San Martin de los Andes you can navigate the waters of Lake Lácar any time of year. You have a choice of two trips to different destinations, one arrives to the shores of Quila Quina and the other docks in Hua-Hum passing by Lake Nonthué.
Red Bus, an double decker bus in Patagonia In San Martin de los Andes you can do a city tour aboard a double decker English bus called the Red Bus. The tour last one hour and a half and goes through the city and its surroundings.
Meliquina, a village is born in Patagonia Just 30 km from San Martin de los Andes in the way to Bariloche through Provincial Route No. 63 is the shore of Lake Meliquina where a new town is growing in Patagonia.

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