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Backpacking in Patagonia: by finger and on your own See map

Self campers, happy backpack walkers, often forget rules that sometimes are elementary with respect to property, wildlife, flora and the beauty of the landscape. There is a regulation for camping in National Parks, whose rules should follow those who visit and tour these regions and propose themselves to install camps. Among many other recommendations, it is very important to the hygiene of the place and facilities, it is mandatory to build wells for storage of organic waste.

With all the precautions by those who choose this way of traveling without knowing what they will find, they greatly enjoy an experience that for others is the worst trip of a lifetime.

To make the adventure even more enjoyable, the best solution is to prepare the team thoroughly to not have needs or distress.

What we must not forget

One of the things that most often tends to be forgotten in a drawer is underwear. Above all the socks are very useful, as long walks or rainy days will need to be renewed more than once.

Another element which should always be in the walkier backpack is the utility knife, with its various tools it can take you more than a pinch.

For camping in remote areas, a compass is essential, you never know when you may require one.

The portatil kitchenette is also very useful, because it fulfills the function of contributing to the magic of the backpacker that prepares his own food, and also it helps preserve the little budget of adventurers.

The sleeping bag, a thermos to keep hot or cold liquids, matches or a lighter, and a waterproof coat are strictly necessary at any time of year you travel.

Taking into account all the advice and taking extra care on the roads, backpacking life is exciting. It's a matter of taste!

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