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Floating down the rivers Limay, Neuquén and Negro with bird watching and hiking See map

The Upper Río Negro and Neuquén Valley offers a multitude of attractions, including its rivers with rich vegetation and variety of species.

flotadas, rio negroThe tour includes a walk through the arid southern bank and down to observe the flora and fauna.

The bird watching is an exciting activity that offers the opportunity to experience the wildlife of Patagonia and is made from floating in the rivers Limay, Neuquén and Negro. The fleet consists of a decrease in river with inflatable rafts, rafting type helmed by a boatman guide, in which participants interact with water using short oars.

In the Upper Valley fleets are being perform in the cities of Neuquén, General Roca and Cipolletti and are called "The floating of the Confluence", "The floating of the Valley of the Moon" and "floating of Ballester Dam", respectively .

The aim of the fleet is to know the landscapes, the richness of the rivers, flora and fauna around them. It's a great opportunity to enjoy with family or friends because people of all ages can participate not being a high risk activity.

From the tranquil waters of the river you can see the contrast between the northern and the southern bank of the river. On one side is semi-desert landscape and cuts the cliffs along the coast and on the other, the green vegetation of the fertile valley, respectively.

With binoculars and also at first glance, visitors can make bird watching, a new activity in which they can identify and recognize, with the help of a guide, the various species that inhabit the waterfront.

flotadas alto valleThe fleet is safe  and therefore a good choice for the whole family. From the boat you can enjoy the scenery offered by the river.

Some of the birds seen are: Huala, Maca thick bill, Bigüa, herons (White, Mora, Witch), Ducks (Overo, Barcino, Maicero, Steam Flying or Quetro), Bicho Feo or Benteveo, Homer, Chimango, Jote Black Head and Red Head, Caranchos, and many more.

The second part of the fleet consists of interpretive walks. In the case of the floating of the Confluence are made up to El Mirador, with a talk about the main characteristics of semi-desert vegetation and a panoramic view of the confluence and the cities of Neuquén and Cipolletti. In the case of the Valley of the Moon crosses the gorge, known as "the descent of horses", where you know the "Land of the Dinosaurs".

The Bachelor of Tourism Sebastian Rivarena, who devised and carried out fleets, says of the fossil remains of dinosaurs

"All the south bank of the river is conducive to finding them, because it has the particularity of sedimentary origin where there are most fossils. To find them, dead animal must have been covered by sand and sandstone which is what makes up this area, they protect it from decay and passes certain minerals to prevent the animal from breaking down, so you can find it in this type of ground."

aves Birds in the Negro river bank.

In the fleet of the Dam a visit is made by Ballester Dam facility, knowing the older machines that were used in its construction and a visit to the Historical Museum of Irrigation where there are photographs, tools and various objects used by the workers for construction.

The places from where they start are:

  • The floating of the Confluence starts in Río Grande Beach resort(Neuquén) and crosses the rivers Limay and Neuquén to reach Jordan Island in Cipolletti.
  • The floating of the Valley of the Moon starts from the scree of Bodega Canale (General Roca) up to the beach resort of the city called APICAR, following the Negro river course.
  • The floating of Ballester dam starts from Villa Manzano beach resort to Ballester Dam in Barda del Medio.

The fleets are held every weekend with a price per person. It is recommended to bring binoculars, camera, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, light clothing, shoes (nm) and desire to live a nice experience.

They are organized by Sendas Patagónicas EVT, located on National Routes No. 22 and 151 - Rotunda Cipolletti. Telephone: (0299) 4776 5909 - 156 324 315. Mail:

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