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Río Gallegos

The capital of the province of Santa Cruz is located on the mouth of the river of same name and with a population of 80,000 inhabitants, Río Gallegos becomes the tourist center par excellence scale. An extensive coastal avenue, visits to regional museums, the cathedral built by the early twentieth century Aboriginal people or the former coal port make the delight of tourists.

laguna azul, santa cruzView of lagoon Azul. Photo courtesy of Jan Zakelj.

Lagoon Azul

It is located 60 km south from Río Gallegos. There you can see at first sight a mysterious landscape of volcanic features, crowned by the presence of a highly colored lake, located in the crater of an extinct volcano.

Cape Vírgenes

In the area of ​​influence of Río Gallegos, 134 km south of this area, you may visit the Cape Vírgenes fauna reserve. There 80 000 pairs of Magellanic penguins nest every year from October to March. The visitor center and a self-guided interpretive trail illustrate the habitat and marine biology of this very special animal.

Comandante Luis Piedrabuena

Piedra BuenaMurals in Cmte. Piedrabuena. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Tourism of the locality.

Town situated on the north bank of Santa Cruz river, a few kilometers from its mouth at the sea. Very close to it is sighted the historic home of Commander Luis Piedrabuena, where he defended with determination and unshakable the national sovereignty. Its main attraction is the Isla Pavón, ideal for camping and excellent fishing.

Puerto Santa Cruz

Located on the south bank of Santa Cruz river, almost at its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean, it was the capital of the territory until 1887, the year in which the then governor Lista moved the seat of government to Río Gallegos. It has historical and wildlife tourist attractions.

Monte León

It is the first Coastal National Park and is located 54 km from Puerto Santa Cruz. A bay surrounded by high cliffs, natural colony of sea lions and Magellanic penguins, makes it the ideal place for birdwatching.

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