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Andean Footprint, trekking from Neuquén to Chubut See map

Since the 2010-2011 season it is a new opportunity to travel the various localities of Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut through mountain trails that are part of the Andean Biosphere of the Patagonia North Reserve, declared by UNESCO in 2007.

senderoTrekking is an activity for those who enjoy the outdoors. Photo courtesy of Patricia Sgrignouli from album

This is about the project "Andean Footprint", initiative of the National Parks Administration Office, which are 546 kilometers of trails linking lake Aluminé in the province of Neuquén to lake Baguilt in Chubut. The tour also passes through several national parks such as the Lanin National Park, the Nahuel Huapi, Los Arrayanes, Lago Puelo and Los Alerces touring the cities of Esquel, Cholila, Lago Puelo, El Bolsón, Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Villa Traful San Martin de los Andes, Junin de los Andes and Aluminé. The trails are heavily marked to facilitate the trip for hikers with little knowledge and the course is divided into stages that can be done in 1 day. Most sections are of low to medium difficulty, but it is still advisable to take advice well before the crossing. The start of each stage is marked with a sign and you can have brochures for each leg.

The objective of this project is to show the great natural and cultural heritage that has this side of the Patagonia because in the nearly 550 kilometers you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of forests, lakes, mountains, volcanoes and rivers experiencing the true feeling of breathing mountanious pure air.

The completion of the project will require a long time but on December 1, 2010 it were inaugurated six sections that can begin to enjoy those who love trekking. The stages open for evaluation are:

  • Lanin National Park: 5 stages, medium difficulty, in the vicinity of the volcano Lanin, linking lakes Huechulafquen and Lolog.
  • Nahuel Huapi National Park: 4 stages (2 of medium difficulty and 2 of high), knowing the Ujenjo Valley in Traful, the Pass Schweizer, and the LLodconto stream valley.
  • Los Arrayanes National Park: 1 stage of medium difficulty, through the Forest of Myrtles in Quetrihue Peninsula.
  • Municipalities of El Bolsón and Lago Puelo: 5 stages (4 stages of low difficulty and 1 stage of high difficulty), covering the Mallín Colorado and the Azul River Valley, to join the national parks Nahuel Huapi and Lago Puelo.
  • Lago Puelo National Park: 2 stages, of medium difficulty, tilting the Cordon Currumahuida and bordering the lake Puelo to the branch in the Río Turbio.
  • Los Alerces National Park: 5 stages (degree of difficulty: 2 low, 2 medium, 1 high, 1 lake), through its central axis, by the lakes Rivadavia and Futalaufquen, through the lake Kruger.

Those who want to make these trips must pre-register for free and receive brochures specific to each section, with recommendations.

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