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Almost 90% of the ski centers of Argentina are located in Patagonia. In fact, the largest South American winter resort is there: Cerro Catedral.

The seasoned skier probably knows the benefits of these ski resorts. However, if you've never slip up those tables do not be afraid. In all there are slopes and instructors to help you put on your skis without losing your balance and learning to get off the slopes feeling the vertigo of this unique experience.

And, of course, not only you can enjoy skiing in the snow of Patagonia. There are other activities such as snowboarding, sleigh rides, snowmobile, and much more ...

In the province of Río Negro

  • Skiing in Cerro Catedral

It is 15 kilometers from Bariloche, one of the major tourist cities of the country. It's amazing how the villa Catedral has grown in recent years, that lies at the foot of the hill. If you are someone who does not want to kill a ski-time for the trip to the hill, we recommend that you stay there. Cerro Catedral offers a great infrastructure of services, facilities and recreational activities. From hire ski equipment to care for children. If not, you can travel to Bariloche, where there are hotels of all categories.

  • Skiing in Cerro Otto

Also in Bariloche, the Cerro Otto is postulated as the ideal place to learn to ski and spend a beautiful day, enjoying the snow and overlooking the stunning landscape of Lake Nahuel Huapi. In addition, the hill offers another option for winter sports with Piedras Blancas Winter Park, opened in 2010.

  • Skiing at Cerro Perito Moreno

Located just 25 kilometers from the town of El Bolsón, it is presented as the second choice for skiing in the province of Río Negro. Smaller, newer and with a promising future this winter center bet to be a place for the whole family and friends to enjoy the various activities in the snow.

catedral, barilocheThe different levels of slopes available in the Patagonia do skiing an activity for all ages.

In the province of Neuquén

  • Skiing in Chapelco

Chapelco is located a few kilometers from San Martín de los Andes. It's a stone hill surrounded by beech forests offering a preferential view of Lanín volcano and lake Lácar from its summit. It has 31 ski slopes of varying difficulty and for snowboarders the winter resort features a Snowboard Park designed for practice and competition of different modalities such as parallel slalom, half pipe, fun park and go biga. For those who do not want to ski there are rides, like the best style Eskimo of sled dogs or snowmoblile for speed.

  • Skiing in Caviahue

Located northwest of the province of Neuquén, Caviahue has an interesting ski resort. Due to its exceptional geographic and climatic features, the annual usage period for skiing in this area spans for more than 5 months with excellent powder snow. Five kilometers of trails allow beginners and expirienced enjoy this sport. The more adventurous can reach the mouth of the volcano and developing free crosscountry skiing from there. It is also practiced in this area Nordic skiing through forests of pehuenes. A different alternative for the whole family.

  • Skiing in Snow Park Batea Mahuida

This center was inaugurated on July 11, 2001. It is operated by the Mapuche community Puel and has good services and excellent prices. While at the foot of the hill there is no accommodation, they can be achieved in Villa Pehuenia a wide range of hotels of excellent quality. More information about Batea Mahuida.

  • Skiing in Cerro Bayo

The beauty that surrounds this ski resort of 20 km of tracks makes it particularly different from others. Located in the town of Villa La Angostura, south of the province of Neuquén on Lake Nahuel Huapi, it has first-class equipment that can shape even the most demanding skier: 3 double chair lifts, 5 drag lifts, 1 T Bar ski and 2 baby lifts, allowing up to an average of 4,500 people per hour.

  • Skiing in Cerro Wayle

Nestled in the stripped mountains of northern Neuquén, Cerro Wayle offers a nice alternative for the whole family. With a single means of elevation and slopes of varying difficulty, allowing the practice of this sport at a competitive price.

  • Skiing in Primeros Pinos

It has a gentle slope, a single means of elevation, a rental business for equipment and a bakery. That is, it is not a big ski resort, but the weekends are full of people, especially families or groups of friends of the High Valley of the Negro River who go to spend the day. This is due to the short distance, just 50 kilometers from Zapala. It is chosen to learn to ski, for a few laps in a sleigh or just to enjoy snow games.

cerro bayo, esquelPatagonia offers skiing for all levels in the most stunning scenery. In this photo, you can see the Lake Nahuel Huapi from Cerro Bayo.

In the province of Chubut

  • Skiing in La Hoya

In 2001 the winter resort of Esquel opened more kilometers of trails and new lifts. Among other advantages, skiers can now slide down the walls of the hill for five kilometers without stopping. Snow In La Hoya does not end in September as its special location in a "valley" between hills, allows it to keep a white blanket even in November and you to practice "ski in T-shirts". In Esquel you will find accommodation.

In the province of Santa Cruz

  • Skiing in Valdelen Resort

Only 4 km separate it from the town of Río Turbio in Santa Cruz. It is the only winter sports center of the province with over 400 hectares for skiing and very affordable prices for all tourists.

In the province of Tierra del Fuego

  • Skiing in Cerro Castor

In Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. The end of the world and the snow. Here, snow sports enthusiasts can choose from several ski resorts, some with more infrastructure than others. The main two are Cerro Castor and Glaciar Martial. More information about skiing in Ushuaia.

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