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About 250 km south of Esquel there is a region that is considered as one of the most spacious, varied and superlative trout fishing opportunities not found anywhere else today.

pescaIn Chubut rivers can be fished a variety of salmonids.

It is an area made ​​to look after trophies. The angler can fish rainbow trout as big and wild as the steelheads and brown trout in the order of 4 to 5 kilos, or brook trout as large or larger than those of Labrador.

There are also small and large lakes that are excellent fishing environments with a population of brook trout basically of outstanding quality.

Pacific salmon

As its name implies, the Pacific salmon enter from the ocean of the same name, so it is a fish that inhabits many Chilean rivers. Although the mountain range looks like a big hurdle for the ascent of the fish, salmon populate the Corcovado river environment. The average weight is between 8 and 11 kilos, making significant exponents of great sport value.

It is not easy to capture this elusive and capricious fish. It has no fixed hours in which you can capture it, moment in what is active and prone to attack. It has been tested with all types of lures, spoons and flies. But there is still no definite technique that promises to secure success. Is that salmon take the bait only after many times had they been passed before their eyes. It feels provoked, angry and attacks.

Corcovado's population has become a real center of attraction for trout fans, eager to meet with this particular variety.

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