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Some fishing addict is looking for a new place to blunt their habit or someone is in these lands and do not know what activities can be done. Well, anyway, nobody can forget to throw a rod in a lake, river or sea of ​​Río Negro and practice fishing. Because the province has, as few, variety of places and ways to develop it.

pesca rio negroNothing like enjoying the tranquility of fishing,

Fishing in Río Negro can be practiced with the breathtaking scenery of the Andes in the background, as Bariloche, El Bolson and surroundings offer a great opportunity for those who enjoy fishing. Also from the sands of Las Grutas, while you are vacationing there, you can take advantage of the warm and prolific gulf waters. From Port of San Antonio Oeste, just 20 kilometers from Las Grutas, the fisherman can embark into the San Matías Gulf for fishing, salmon or stick fish or meros.

The Negro River is in its entirety fishing area. Especially in the islands that form in the middle, near Choele Choel, fish specimens were reaching up to 1 kilo. And you can not fail to mention the famous San Blas Bay, a few miles from Viedma, the capital of the province. This place is considered an "Eden" for fishermen, for the variety and quantity of the species that inhabit it.

To consider

Fishing, precisely because it is a sporting activity, is regulated. And to practice it is necessary to always have a permit (issued by National Parks, provincial agencies or authorized fishing houses). Do not forget that the season here and throughout the Patagonian region begins on November 1st and ends in April. This is no accident: it responds to the need to allow the fish to develop their reproductive cycle unchanged, which is in winter. Fish outside approved dates involve death and loss of reproductive fishes in the medium term, and one of the main attractions of the region.

Fishing patterns ranging from spinning (with a spoon from the coast) or trolling (boat fishing) to fly casting (fly fishing), depending on the area. But the fact that you really should never forget is to return the piece to the water.

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