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Laconic in assessments, the little he tells he does it while prepares a leader, element that links the line with the fly. It is a progressive decrease in diameter from the butt (start) to the tip (end of the leader). The tips are made with the size of the hook of the fly.

pesca con moscaThe flies are a great craft of fishermen.

Fly fishing is a dance that begins long before the desired meet between the flycatcher and its fish. Previous researches, of others and themselves, provide the necessary information for this common man begins to make his own flies ahead, trying to imitate insects and organisms that feed the trouts. And as he prepares his equipment, he feeds the desire to achieve the expected time.

It comes the Day "T" and starts ringing early the preparations: closing movements of handbags and purses, canes and clothing, picnic basket.

The angler leaves and the metamorphosis arrives, the common man who lived in his home is transformed into an unrecognizable flycatcher. We must discover it under his characteristic hat decorated with pens, antireflex glasses, essential for vision care for all danger of launch, vest with thousands of pockets from which hang useful items for the occasion: pliers, leaders straighteners, tongs, flies, boxes with flies, more boxes with flies, envelopes with leaders. Besides the visible fishing license for the ranger can easily identify. Under the vest, neoprene waders of 3 mm thick. Thick from the cold waters of Patagonia. Special boots with special socks and cane in hand.

pescadorA fisherman in the Negro river and swans companying him. Photo courtesy of Edgardo, photo album

The wardrobe has made his own. Mother Nature will do the same. Man has changed the look on his face. No more frowning and although we do not see his eyes, in his walk we guess that his gesture has changed. While dodging the river away, his figure dwarfs and he blends with the landscape. He stops and sees where to make his first launch. We can only hear the characteristic noise of the reel, there is a line that plays in the air and tests great curves before falling gently on the water. Its silhouette is part of nature.

The fisherman always goes thinking of taking a large piece or something more or less pretty, but after a day of fishing in that anything bites and he return home with the satisfaction of having spent a pleasant time.

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