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Esquel region, Los Alerces National Park and Cholila See map

Esquel Region

pescaThe fly fisherman has a variety  of places to choose in Chubut. 

Esquel is located on the edge of the transition of climates and landscapes, taking to the west the snowy peaks of the Andes and the to the east the patagonian steppe. This city is the most important tourist services center west of the province. Moving from the city in any direction there are famous rivers, streams, springs, streams and lakes such as Pescado, Willmanco and NAnt and Fall streams, Grande and Chubut rivers, which are included in a program of fishing each day to visit different environments. A week walking and fishing in this region is certainly an experience you will enjoy and keep the fisherman in his memory as one of their most cherished holiday.

Los Alerces National Park and Cholila

Famous for its clear waters and the large population of fish, this place is a secluded retreat of natural wonders. A fisherman's untouched paradise surrounded by snowy mountains and hillsides covered with dense vegetation. Blue lakes connected by a network of pristine waterways where fishermen can find the most beautiful wild trout in abundance. This program includes the rivers Tigre, Carrileufu, Rivadavia, El Canal, Arrayanes, Frey, the small lake Verde, and the Estrecho de los Monstruos, among others.

Other places for the fly fisherman

This program also offers an area of wild beauty untouched by human hands yet, where is the most exciting fishing for rainbow trout, brown and brook in greater quantity and quality of the entire region. This area includes the Stange river and lake Chico, where our fishermen have the scoop on leave footprints in this intangible area.

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